Senior Frontend Developer

memoQ is a popular Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool used by professional translators. We try to keep a good balance of delivering features that further enhance the productivity of our users and the transformation of our legacy code base, so that it’s better suited for innovation and can provide scalable and high performance solutions to our customers. This transformation isn’t without challenges, and we’re looking for individuals who see these challenges as opportunities, and are ready to join a growing development team and contribute by bringing innovative ideas and technologies and participating in architectural and structural decisions on top of actual coding. Learn more about us at:

What you will do:

  • Influence how we revamp and redefine our web offering.
  • Work in a small (4-8 member) cross-functional product team following Scrum methodologies supported by a dedicated Product Owner.
  • Build, test and run frontend services written in React/Redux that are part of a cloud-native architecture.
  • Contribute to technical and architectural decision-making (based on your level of experience).
  • Collaborate (as a team) with Product Owner to define, iterate, develop and perfect our products.
  • Improve your own and your fellow developers’ skills through design kick-offs, pairing sessions, and code reviews.


  • Strong knowledge of React, TypeScript and Redux
  • Ability to build site components based on given design (e.g. Figma)
  • Previous experience in working in teams
  • Relevant experience in professional software development (frontend)
  • Knowledge of Javascript build tools (e.g. Babel, Webpack, Stylelint)
  • Knowledge of a testing framework (e.g Jest, Enzyme, Codecept)
  • Knowledge of at least one design system (e.g. Atomic, Material, Ant design)
  • Knowledge of CI/CD technologies (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Travis, GitLab CI, Circle CI)
  • Enthusiasm to learn new things

Nice to have:

  • Previous experience in mentoring team members
  • Active member of the tech community (e.g. Open Source contributor, has a tech blog, talks on meetups)
  • Knowledge of OpenAPI (v3) standards
  • Knowledge of Redux-Saga

Our tech stack:

  • We manage our code in Gitlab.
  • We store our NPM packages in Nexus.
  • Our package manager is Yarn.
  • We use React, Redux, Material.
  • We write our frontend code in TypeScript and our styles in JSS.
  • We build with Webpack, Babel, TSLint.
  • We test with Jest, Nock, Selenium.
  • Our infrastructure is built and managed in/by/with:
    • Docker, Kubernetes,
    • Terraform,
    • Azure Native Services,
    • Jenkins, Sonar Cube.

About you:

  • We’re looking for excellence. One of our values is to pursue excellence by continuous learning, and we also find it important to share what we learnt with each other. We also believe that one of the best sources of learning is our own mistakes, and we encourage our developers to consider them as such rather than blaming each other.
  • In our approach to software development you’ll almost always have more questions than answers. We assume that you find this uncertainty inspiring rather than inhibiting, and it will even more motivate you to work out a working solution via a healthy mixture of individual work and collaboration, experiments and hard work, meanwhile you find this as exciting as we do.
  • However, we also believe that the ultimate measure and goal of software development is working software created for real customers, and everybody must take their fair share of every aspect of the development lifecycle, many steps of which are sometimes inevitably boring or dirty work, until 100% completion. Presumably, you also accept that this often involves dropping your favorite piece of code, idea, technology, etc. either for simplicity, or in favor of other solutions from other people. We assume that the satisfaction that in most cases collaboration produces better software outweighs personal proudness.

Location: Budapest

Contact: If you feel you possess the skills listed above and you are interested in the job, please send your CV to

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