What is Protemos?

Protemos is a business management system for translation companies designed to boost productivity. It is user-friendly, quick to set up and doesn’t require any special training.  

Little wonder, then, that in less than a decade, Protemos has gone from a scrappy start-up to a trusted partner of thousands of companies and freelance translators. 

Protemos unifies features such as client and vendor databases; financial details, including invoicing; storage and transfer of files; online CAT tools; job assignment; deadline and delivery management, and much more. 

How Does it Work with memoQ?

News of the Protemos/memoQ integration will be met with enthusiasm by users of both tools. It’s something many users have been requesting. And now it’s here. 

Now, you can transfer projects between the two systems smoothly and simply, saving time that would otherwise have been spent on manual copy-and-pasting. With one click, you can reproduce your Protemos project in memoQ with no losses: all the info about language pairs and deadlines, client info and files is transferred across. It works the other way around, too – your memoQ project can be pulled into Protemos with all the related information intact. 

But that’s not all.  

Let’s say you create a project in Protemos and another in memoQ, independently. With one click, you can link these projects together; with another click, you can unlink them. It really is that simple. 

How to Use This Service in memoQ?

One of the most appealing aspects of the Protemos/memoQ integration is how simple it is. 

It takes just a few minutes to get started and doesn’t require any special knowledge or training.  

The screenshots below show just how easy it is. 

1. The first thing to do is go to Settings ⇾  Integrations ⇾ memoQ in Protemos:

Protemos Integration with memoQ

2. Next, simply click the first link to copy your memoQ server name

Protemos Integration with memoQ

3. If required, log in to memoQ, copy the name of your server and remember the memoQ server domain

Protemos Integration with memoQ

4. Click the “Enable” button

Protemos Integration with memoQ

5. Choose the memoQ server domain from the dropdown list, and enter the memoQ server name you copied and the memoQ API key sent to you by memoQ customer support (you need Web Service API). Then click the “Update” button

Protemos Integration with memoQ

6. You’re done! Your memoQ integration page will look like this

Protemos Integration with memoQ

Now you’re good to go. See? We promised it was easy. 

Integration with XTRF

XTRF is a web-based platform for managing translation work. Its integration with the memoQ server is extensive and powerful, providing fully automated project creation, along with automatic file analysis, and project management. Established in 2004, XTRF has become one of the most popular management systems on the translation market. With its innovative cloud-based system, XTRF offers a user-friendly approach to management systems which improves turnaround time, reduces the need for repetitive manual tasks, and cuts costs for its users.


The integration ensures memoQ and XTRF to deliver a seamless workflow:

Vendor selection and assignment

Vendors can be assigned through XTRF which will result in a memoQ document assigned to that vendor. If the vendor changes something in XTRF, the change will instantly be visible in memoQ.

Quote creation

The start of a memoQ – XTRF project is the creation of a quote in XTRF. The memoQ server analyses the project files, sends the analysis to XTRF, then provides the quote. You can choose in XTRF whether you wish to create a memoQ project at the same time as the quote.


Project start


You can select XTRF to start a memoQ project based on the quote. Files and resources must be added to the XTRF project before triggering memoQ project creation.



Prior to delivery, the memoQ TM is updated and the translated files are exported from memoQ to XTRF. You are good to go!


To learn more about the memoQ XTRF integration, click below!

Integration with FlowFit TMS

FlowFit TMS, developed by Consoltec,  is a web-based platform for managing translation projects. Its integration with memoQ is intuitive and user-friendly. This system offers fully automated project creation, analysis and project management. It even helps you streamline and optimize your projects, while reducing your administrative costs. This integration ensures a smooth cooperation between the two systems, resulting in seamless project management workflows.

Benefits of the Integration Between FlowFit TMS and memoQ:

memoQ projects can be created automatically via FlowFit’s virtual coordinator feature. When creating a memoQ project, this feature checks if the project matches existing filters in order to automatically create it with the proper template. FlowFit performs an analysis of the project, then creates workflows accordingly.

Simplify project management by assigning memoQ resources and deadlines directly in FlowFit! There is no need for project managers to open memoQ to follow up memoQ job statuses anymore. 

Synchronization between FlowFit and memoQ is done automatically, such as synchronization of the workflow, progress indicators, slices and memoQ documents.

Get resources workload in real time. FlowFit calculates them based on memoQ task completion rate. 

memoQ projects significantly benefit from FlowFit’s financial features such as the ability to calculate weighted words, and the cost of the project.

Would You Like to Know More About it?

Contact us for a complete integration presentation between FlowFit TMS and memoQ and for any additional information – info@consoltec.ca