Slate Desktop

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What is Slate Desktop?

Slate Desktop by Precision Translation Tools is an application suite that allows translators, teams, and agencies to create, manage, deploy, measure and evaluate statistical translation engines and the translated content. The software is available across multiple operating systems, personal computers, and server-based computers. You can find more information here.

How Does it Work with memoQ?

memoQ’s Slate Desktop plugin works like other plugins for MT service providers, but the translation engine runs on your computer where your data is stored, providing a secure environment. memoQ sends a text to your translation engine, one segment at a time. memoQ displays the results in the translation results and you decide whether to use them.

How to Use this Service in memoQ?

To use Slate Desktop with memoQ, you must install Slate Desktop on your computer. From Slate Desktop’s dashboard, you can convert your translation memories into one or more translation engines. Then you enable and configure memoQ’s Slate Desktop plugin to use one of your engines via memoQ’s Options | MT options tab.  

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