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Make Your Game Global

The larger the audience you want to reach, the more you need to localize your games. memoQ provides a comprehensive solution tailored to gaming companies.

Reduce Your Costs

The functionality in memoQ and its efficient cost of ownership helps you keep the cost of game localization under control, even if you are a beginner. Using memoQ for localization helps you engage audiences around the world by maintaining linguistic coherence and cultural sensitivity in the content of your games.
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Increase Translation Quality

memoQ offers two kinds of quality assurance. The QA module checks for machine-detectable errors during and/or after translation and can be automated. The Linguistic QA module categorizes errors and provides human feedback and valuable statistics for translators.

memoQ Gaming Unit

Die memoQ Gaming Unit wurde als Spezialteam für die Gaming-Branche geschaffen. Unser tiefgreifendes Verständnis von den Anforderungen dieser Branche, die Flexibilität des memoQ-Tools und unsere weit über 100 Gaming-Kunden veranlassten uns zur Bildung eines Profi-Teams, das einen individuelleren Ansatz für die nahtlose Integration von memoQ in bestehende Workflows der Spieleproduktion bietet. Die memoQ Gaming Unit besteht aus Béatrice Compagnon (Leiterin der Gaming Unit), Gábor Kovács (Game Localization Expert) und János Szabó (Game Localization Engineer).

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Funktionen speziell für die Spielelokalisierung

Reuse Existing Translations

Never translate the same text twice! Translation memory enables you to reuse previously translated segments. In addition, the LiveDocs function in memoQ stores the entire corpora and also offers document alignment. Use these references any time when you translate.

Managing Terminology

Poor translations can have a bad effect on your game’s acceptance. Term bases in memoQ are databases for storing important words and expressions and their equivalents. Term bases help translators stick to the terminology used in your game, which is especially essential when a team of translators is working on the same content simultaneously.

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Simultaneous Collaboration

Many projects require the translation of thousands of words in just a couple of days. Real-time collaboration offers the possibility of sharing translation memories and term bases. Moreover, translators can communicate in real time with the instant messaging function (chat window) in memoQ.

Workflow Automation

Project templates in memoQ let you automate many steps within a project, from setup to work assignment, quality assurance, and delivery. Many memoQ users report that the project template feature has significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to set up a project.

Das beste Paket für die Spielelokalisierung

memoQ server

memoQ server

memoQ server is an enterprise-level translation management system (TMS) with advanced productivity tools. memoQ enables and manages collaborative work in a comprehensive translation environment, which speeds up game localization by allowing multiple translators and reviewers to work on projects simultaneously.

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memoQ LiveDocs


LiveDocs is a corpus-based alternative to translation memories that keeps your translation content structured and organized. It saves entire documents (whereas translation memories make a database of translated segments). LiveDocs can even manage monolingual documents that you can use for reference. During translation, memoQ searches and pulls matches from LiveDocs just as it would from a translation memory.

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LocLand eBook - memoQ

LocLand: Das Land der Spielelokalisierung

Dieses E-Book ist Ihre ultimative Anleitung für die Spielelokalisierung. Erfahren Sie, warum die Lokalisierung für Gaming-Unternehmen entscheidend ist und was die wichtigsten Aspekte der Workflow-Implementierung für die Spielelokalisierung sind.

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Setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung, damit wir Ihre Anforderungen an die Spielelokalisierung besprechen können.

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Translation Memory

Never translate a segment more than once! Translation memory makes it possible to reuse previous translations and consistently handle repeated text across a project.
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Terminology Management

memoQ provides an integrated terminology management module so you can maintain consistent usage of domain-specific terminology for different projects and clients.

Automatic Quality Assurance

memoQ offers Automated Quality Assurance, which checks for possible mistakes during translation. Also, Linguistic Quality Assurance categorizes errors and provides valuable statistics.

Mit Funktionen, die Anforderungen von Übersetzern zugeschnitten sind

Compatibility with Other Tools

With memoQ translator pro, you can import, translate, and export files from other tools. memoQ is compatible with most other translation tools, including SDL Trados Studio, WordFast, and STAR Transit.

Leverage Existing Translations

As you translate, memoQ creates and securely stores a translation memory--a database of pairs of source- and target-language segments. You can also create term bases, which are similar to a glossary but can also be used to store previous translations and abbreviations associated with a term, add associated reference materials, and identify and automate the translation of certain patterns.

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Align Multiple Translations

LiveDocs is an alternative to Translation Memory with automated document alignment function for adding bilingual files to be searched for reusable translations. You can also add monolingual reference material. A LiveDocs corpus can handle all file formats supported by memoQ.

Collaboration and Communication

Work with any company that uses memoQ server. Get more work by accepting jobs sent directly from your customer’s memoQ server! memoQ translator pro supports discussions within the translation environment, such as those frequently held with project managers and customers on source text, terminology, and project updates.

Das beste Paket für Übersetzer

memoQ translator pro

memoQ translator pro

memoQ translator pro is the ultimate translation software for boosting productivity and taking your translations to the next level.

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Machine Translation Integrations with memoQ

Machine Translation

memoQ has plugins for several Machine Translation engines. We are continually adding new plugins to connect memoQ with the latest MT engines.

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Translate PDF with memoQ

Translate PDF

Wish there was a better way to translate PDF files? Whether you need to translate an editable or scanned PDF, memoQ's integration with TransPDF makes it easy!

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Translation Industry Jargon - memoQ

Sprechen Sie L10N?

Dieser Jargon-Buster der Übersetzungsbranche, verfasst von Gábor Ugray, dem Gründer von memoQ, führt Sie durch die am häufigsten verwendeten Begriffe in der Übersetzungsbranche.

„Ich habe dieses Glossar (zunächst in meinem Blog) hauptsächlich zu meiner eigenen Freude verfasst, aber auch, um Gleichgesinnten zu helfen, die versuchen, sich durch den Fachjargon der Übersetzungsbranche zu kämpfen.“

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