Junior Developer

About memoQ:

memoQ is a proprietary computer-assisted translation management software suite. It is developed by the software company memoQ Translation Technologies, established in 2004 and cited as one of the fastest growing companies in the translation technology sector (3x Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award winner). Our suite of products is helping thousands of skilled translators and hundreds of language service providers and enterprises across the world to improve their impact and performance. Learn more about us at: www.memoq.com

Key responsibilities and tasks:

  • You’ll immediately become a member of our development team and will be involved in a variety of interesting and important projects the team work on: our strategic products, prototypes coming out of our innovation factory, some internal systems, etc.
  • Our technology stack is diverse enough (JAVA, C++, .NET, C#, Javascript) that it gives learning opportunities in various directions, and you’ll get opportunities to try yourself out and become expert in one or more of them.
  • You won’t be alone in your efforts. Our senior developers are dedicated to help the development of their junior colleagues, share their experience while guiding them through their first steps.


  • The knowledge of one or more programming languages.
  • A general understanding of computer sciences (data structures, algorithms, complexity, design patterns, etc.) which can serve as a foundation for your further development.

About you:

  • We’re looking for excellence. One of our values, which is particularly true for juniors, is to pursue excellence by continuous learning, and we also find it important to share what we learnt with each other. We also believe that one of the best sources of learning is our own mistakes, and we encourage our developers to consider them as such rather than blaming each other.
  • In our approach to software development you’ll almost always have more questions than answers. We assume that you find this uncertainty inspiring rather than inhibiting, and it will even more motivate you to work out a working solution via a healthy mixture of individual work and collaboration, experiments and hard work, meanwhile you find this as exciting as we do.
  • However, we also believe that the ultimate measure and goal of software development is working software created for real customers, and everybody must take their fair share of every aspect of the development lifecycle, many steps of which are sometimes inevitably boring or dirty work, until 100% completion. Presumably you also accept that this often involves dropping your favorite piece of code, idea, technology, etc. either for simplicity, or in favor of other solutions from other people. We assume that the satisfaction that in most cases collaboration produces better software outweighs personal proudness. 

  • Location:Budapest, IX. district.
  • Compensation:Competitive salary
  • Contact:If you feel you possess the skills listed above and you are interested in the job, please send your CV to careers@memoq.com   
  • Attachment:N/A