Compatibility and extensions

Our technology offers compatibility with other tools and industry standards, and flexibility for custom integrations.


Compatibility with other tools

memoQ is compatible with most other translation tools. You can import, translate and export the proprietary files of other translation tools as well as use standard formats aimed to improve compatibility and interoperability.

Languages and file formats

memoQ supports over 100 languages, and most document formats you can think of.

Plugin for SDL Trados Studio

The plugin allows users of SDL Trados Studio to access translation memories both from Language Terminal and from memoQ servers.

The memoQ APIs

Much of the functionality in memoQ server is available through APIs. This page lists the memoQ API and shows how you can use it to integrate the memoQ server other systems and tools.

Extension Points

A software development kit that allows the development of a plugin – or extension – to memoQ or memoQ server. Extension points enable developers to enhance the functionality of memoQ.

Customer Portal

Satisfy your clients at every step of the way! Meet Customer Portal, the newest item in the ever-evolving memoQ environment!


Content Connectors

Content Connectors is a memoQ server add-on which allows you to connect a content source such as an FTP site or a Subversion version management repository to a memoQ server and have the content processed in a completely automated fashion.

QTerm - Professional terminology management

QTerm is memoQ Translation Technologies’ professional terminology management system and is an add-on to memoQ server. QTerm runs in a web browser and it can manage terminology for organizations of any size.

memoQ Web

memoQ Web is a browser-based working environement for translators, project managers and reviewers that comes with memoQ server.