Customer Portal is a platform that translation companies or translation departments of organizations and enterprises can use to easily connect with their clients. Its goal is your goal: to involve and satisfy your customer, and, just maybe, pass down some of the exciting aspects of your busy workflow. Customer Portal extends the translation workflow with one more step: reaches out to the client to optimize processes – and to look good.

1- Request Quotes, Autoquote, Start job

Customer Portal - Request Quotes

Your client will be able to log in on your own Customer Portal’s interface and start to work with you right away. They can upload the translatable files and send you a quote request. You can allow them to use autoquote to automatically create a quote, and even start a translation job via your portal.

3- Track Status

Customer Portal - Track Status

After accepting the quote, your clients will be able to observe project status in Customer Portal. Track Status shows them, on a percentage bar, the project stage and the current rate of completion. This feature uses information from your memoQ server and shows the data to your customer. 

5- Enhanced Deadlines

Customer Portal - Track Status

Deadline handling serves both customers and project managers: requests with impossible deadlines can now be identified and corrected. Deadline changes by either customers or PMs will result in notifications for the other party.


2- Receive/Approve quotes

Customer Portal - Receive Quotes

Your customers will receive quotes you create based on the documents they uploaded. If they approve the quote, the PM will see the translation project in memoQ, with an indication that the job in question comes from the Customer Portal.  

4- Download completed files

Customer Portal - Receive Quotes

Have you competed the job? Fantastic – you can deliver instantly via Customer Portal. What will your client see? They will see that status track bar is completed and the files have been translated – and, at this point, they will be able to download the files right from the client interface. 

6- Custom Branding

Customer Portal - Branding

Customer Portal allows company specific branding by replacing the main logo and the application color scheme.
Master this feature! Check out this video.


Interested in Customer Portal?

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