GDPR Data Protection

How to remove personal data from documents and TMs in memoQ

This eBook will teach you how you can keep personal data away from your translation memories and your translation projects - using memoQ, of course. You will need these instructions if you, as a translator or a translation company, are based in the European Union, or you work for clients in the European Union.

Why is that? One of the many headaches caused by GDPR is that most translators and translation companies become official data processors for their clients - by simply taking on documents that contain personal data. Even the makers of GDPR agree that personal data are best protected if they are not collected, stored, or processed at all. (To learn more about GDPR, see this recent blog post).

The eBook will show you three methods to get rid of personal data: Marking up or removing personal data before importing a document in memoQ; marking up and masking personal data in memoQ; removing personal data from translation memories. Fair warning: none of these are very easy, but all of them are doable. The eBook will also tell you why.

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How to remove personal data from documents and TMs in memoQ