LocLand: The Land of Game Localization

The following eBook is an introduction to games localization. It outlines the reasons why localization is crucial for gaming companies and describes the most important aspects needed to implement a localization workflow. 




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Games Localization Solutions

When games go viral, they usually reach millions of users in different countries and several languages. To get their games into foreign markets, gaming companies use specialized localization systems like memoQ.


Localizing games in memoQ: 5 useful features

A couple of years ago, I asked the following question to my students at the localization class I give at The Translation Studies Center: What memoQ features do you think are the most useful when localizing games?

The Key to Success in Gaming Localization: Let’s focus on the translator!

When you oversee the localization of millions and millions of words for the gaming industry you have to weigh your options very carefully. Steen’s team decided to place an important asset in focus: the translator.