EuroTermBank integration in memoQ

  • 06 September 2010

Through its EuroTermBank integration, memoQ offers real-time access to two million terms from the translation environment. Learn how.

EuroTermBank is the first multilingual terminology sharing portal that provides a single point of service to comprehensive terminology resources on the Web, through the consolidation of terminology collections in its database and the federation of interlinked external termbanks. memoQ integrates EuroTermBank results in the Translation Results pane.
By default, access to EuroTermBank is disabled. You can switch it on by going to Options / Terminology plugins and enable EuroTermBank there.

If you want a search more sophisticated, open the Lookup Term window by pressing ctrl+P in the translation grid, and select Search EuroTermBank. Here you can enter the term and specify also what subject you are interested in.

Signe Rirdance, director of EuroTermBank at Tilde said: "The success of EuroTermBank depends on its user base. EuroTermBank is the first terminology resource to integrate with a translation environment tool. This is an exciting time for us. As we see, memoQ is already generating serious traffic for EuroTermBank. Keep up the good work, guys!"