Industry solutions

Robust industry solutions tailored precisely for your organisation

memoQ systems can be perfectly adjusted to your needs: we deliver custom rollouts that match the needs of your organisation, and earn you the quality, speed, security and ROI you seek. Take a look at some examples below – and get back to us with your questions!


Games localization solutions

Today, the success of a computer game depends largely on its availability in different languages. With the advent of social games and MMORPGs, games are no longer confined to releases: they are updated and improved continuously. Many game developers store their strings in multilingual text, XML or Excel files, and also include placeholders in the texts. The format of strings that appear in games is not standardized: different publishers and developers have all developed their own solutions.

Website translation solutions

Most websites make use of a content management system (CMS). The CMS stores pages in a database or on the file system and dynamically puts together the page when it is displayed. The most popular free content management systems are Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla and Typo3, whereas paid content management systems include Ektron, Adobe CQ, Sitecore and others. There is a lot of content to be translated and content changes very quickly.

Ensuring quality through processes and automation

If quality is your key concern, look no further. memoQ features the most complete suite of tools built around improving and measuring quality. While a mature localization team usually has quantified reports, memoQ allows you to deliver better quality even if you did not prepare anything at all. memoQ provides automated ways to improve translation quality and a toolset to enhance customer-reviewer-translator communication.

Legal and patent translation solutions

Legal and patent translation do not lend themselves to lots of repetitions, however, the research and use of correct terminology and compliance with other texts is always a requirement. memoQ helps the work of many international law firms worldwide.

Life sciences translation solutions

memoQ’s advanced quality assurance verification is paramount for the life-sciences industry. Because ultimately acetylcholine and acetylcysteine are very different. See how memoQ has helped multiple life science companies avoid language issues.

Mobile app and embedded systems localization solutions

memoQ supports translating software for the main mobile operating systems, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It also supports localization of texts appearing in embedded systems in vehicles, robots, machinery and other objects.