Integration with external databases

Translation memory is usually used by an individual or within a company. However, it is possible to create translation memory databases where the data comes from and is used by a wide range of users. TAUS DATA and MyMemory are two examples of large translation memory databases which are used across the translation industry.


TAUS stands for the Translation Automation User Society. They created TAUS DATA in order for companies to benefit from sharing translation memories and creating a huge translation memory database for an entire industry. The TAUS DATA repository contains translation memories from major software providers, translation companies and the EU.

memoQ's TAUS plugin 

In order to use the TAUS DATA plugin you must have an account with TAUS DATA which you can get here: Enable the plugin on the Tools | Options | TM plugins tab and enter your TAUS DATA user name and password here. After you have registered the plugin with TAUS DATA, you will see suggestions from TAUS DATA in your translation results windows.


MyMemory claims to be the world’s largest translation memory. They have created this by allowing people to upload, download and use translation memories. MyMemory has a strong community of translators who support this initiative.

memoQ'S MyMemory plugin

You do not need a MyMemory user account in order to use this plugin. Simply go to Tools | Options | TM plugins and enable it. There are also some formatting choices you can make in the options for this plugin.