What is is a consortium comprising the following members:

  • Research Institute for Linguistics Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Hungary
  • MorphoLogic Számítástechnikai Kft. - Hungary
  • SYSTRAN - France
  • Linguatec GmbH - Germany
  • Sp. z o. o. - Poland
  • СКАЙКОД (SKYCODE) - Bulgaria
  • Amebis, d. o. o., Kamnik -  Slovenia
  • Sunda Systems Oy - Finland
  • PROMT GmbH - Germany
  • SIA ‘Trident MT’ – Latvia.
Their mission is to highlight quality and to increase confidence in machine translation.

How it works with memoQ?

memoQ sends text to this machine translation engine one segment at a time. The results are then displayed in the translation results and the translator can decide whether or not to use it.

What do you do if you want to use this service?

memoQ is integrated with by means of an API key which you get from them. You enter the key when you are enabling the plugin in Options | Machine translation.