Kantan MT

What is KantanMT.com?

KantanMT.com is a machine translation platform that enables its users to develop and manage customised MT engines in the cloud. The KantanMT community builds MT engines in over 750 language combinations, seamlessly integrating into localization workflows and web applications.

How it works with memoQ?

KantanMT.com integrates with memoQ to provide translators with real-time access to machine translated output directly into their memoQ dashboard. Translators can improve their productivity by instantly post-editing segments. 

What do you do if you want to use this service?

In order to use KantanMT.com with memoQ, you need to have a subscription with KantanMT and have built at least one customised engine. Use the API token from your KantanMT.com account to integrate the two systems. To do this, you must enable the plugin in the machine translation section of Tools | Options dialog. Add the API token and then select the Launch API button. After this KantanMT will be enabled and will provide suggestions in the translation results window.