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Kilgray has been serving companies in the life sciences industry for more than a decade. Today, we are regarded as a trusted translation technology partner that helps numerous pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical device firms to run their localization processes smartly and reach markets in different languages.

What does memoQ bring to localization in life sciences?

This is how memoQ can improve your localization process:

Centralize Assets

Introducing new drugs, medical devices and equipment to market is a challenging task for any company in the life sciences industry. Large volumes of content (perhaps structured and formatted neutral if it comes from a Content Management System) need to be consistently localized to multiple languages for different target markets and audiences: brochures, collateral, videos, patient adherence material, embedded software, and much more. To produce quality translations in time, localization needs to be handled professionally, using Translation Management Systems (TMS) like memoQ. A TMS helps companies gain efficiency by centralizing translation, re-using existing translated content to lower costs, and properly storing and managing terminology to manage large volumes of data.

Increase Productivity & Control 

There is key functionality in memoQ that can boost productivity and control in multilingual projects for life science companies. memoQ allows you to keep track of changes in a document from version to version with versioning control, create automated workflows and process file formats such as DITA and XML (see all file formats supported by memoQ here).

You can also leverage the use of reference such as articles for publication in medical journals with LiveDocs and use concordance to draw on these monolingual references as well as previous subject-specific bilingual content in translation memories. 

Quality Assurance in a highly regulated industry

No other industry requires QA as much as Life Sciences. Misunderstandings because of translation mistakes or numeric errors have consequences that can range from minor injury to death. memoQ's highly-customizable QA module and Linguistic Quality Assurance enable organizations to meet the standards established by regulatory bodies and avoid unnecessary risks.
In the sections below you can read more about where translation technology is used in life sciences, and how you can take advantage of specific memoQ features.


Clinical Trials

To conduct clinical trials, Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies need to take a multilingual approach. See what memoQ can bring to this specific translation process.

Medical Devices

Localizing medical devices is a complex process as manufacturers need to follow the regulations of the countries where they want to market their devices. See the benefits of using memoQ.

Pharmaceutical Translations

Whether it is packaging labels, information leaflets or submissions; pharmaceutical companies need to provide translated materials to their customers to market their products in foreign countries. See how memoQ can make this localization process easier.  

Life science companies that trust memoQ technology