What is LiveDocs?

LiveDocs is a module within memoQ that allows you to leverage previously translated material and reference files. It is an alternative to translation memories which can get you productive right from the start of a project!

Why use LiveDocs?


Get leverage from previously translated work.



Get productive right from the start of your project!



Check reference files easily during translation.


Store files and documents related to your project.

Leveraging previous translations:

Automatic alignment for a source/target document

To leverage previous translations, you will first need to create a LiveDocs corpus and import the reference material you want to work with. A LiveDocs corpus supports any file format that memoQ typically supports for translation.

Now imagine you have a source document and its counterpart translated in Microsoft Word format. Import both documents into your new LiveDocs corpus. memoQ will automatically align your files so that every sentence in your source document is matched with the equivalent in the target one.   

This is how documents looks like after automatic alignment.
  Automatic alignment LiveDocs


Using your LiveDocs corpus 

During translation, memoQ will offer you suggestions coming from matches in your LiveDocs corpus. You can even use these matches to pre-translate your file.

Matches from your LiveDocs corpus are highlighted with red and marked with a green icon.
With LiveDocs you can also import bilingual files (typically from other translation tools) and use them as translation memories or monolingual documents to check if a certain expression exists in the vocabulary of these documents. You can also import binary files for multiple reference purposes.


Learn more about LiveDocs in this video!



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