memoQ 2015 highlights

memoQ 2015 is a feature rich and innovative software. This page covers only benefits which have been introduced since memoQ 2014 R2. For more information on the benefits that our software can provide Individual TranslatorsTranslation TeamsTranslation Companies and Other Companies click on the appropriate link. Use these links for a full list of what is new in memoQmemoQ server and memoQ cloud server.
  • Project management dashboard
    memoQ is very focused on making project management work simpler, more efficient and more effective. The project management dashboard further improves project management efficiency. The project manager gets a better view of their projects and can see the project’s status at a detailed level. Project alerts will show project managers where their intervention is needed. Project managers can see slow progress, translators not starting, deadline too close and other alerts. The project manager can re-assign projects directly from the dashboard from one person to another, even in multiple projects. The project management dashboard offers better search functionality and has a two line view which allows project managers to see project, domain and subject in addition to the standard status information.
  • Improved translation management
    If your company does not have all translation management centralized, memoQ server 2015 gives you the possibility to start doing it in a painless fashion. You can set up groups of project managers for different departments or country offices who are only able to work with a set of pre-defined resources, but can create projects on the server. You will enable them to save costs and improve quality, but at the same time they can keep their autonomy in ordering translations. memoQ 2015 also allows project managers to assign content to one, two or three different subvendors and to assign the same person in two different roles.
  • Easier project creation with translator pro
    If you have a small translation project it should be easy and quick to set up a project. In memoQ 2015 it is. A translator can just drag and drop the files for translation on to memoQ then select the “Start Translation” link. The project creation wizard will then start with most of what needs to be filled in already there. The project name is called after the first file name and the languages are set to the last language pair used in memoQ. You can change any of these settings or click on the finish button to start translation.
  • Enhanced leverage
    It can be frustrating when a fuzzy match has just a word or two different and those words are in your term base, autocorrect list or other resource. memoQ 2015 has enhanced leverage functionality called MatchPatch which repairs fuzzy matches. It will correct the fuzzy match by replacing the incorrect words based on term bases or other resources. memoQ’s number substitution functionality has also been improved. memoQ 2015 now recognises more number patterns and substitutes them correctly as expected for the target language.
  • Keyboard shortcut editor
    Translators frequently use keyboard shortcuts to speed up their work. memoQ 2015 has a new keyboard shortcut editor which allows greater flexibility and power to keyboard shortcuts. Shortcuts can now be created for any special character you need to type frequently and for most functions used in memoQ. In addition to this we have made the ribbon customizable.
  • Web based project and user management
    Teams of translators have been one of the first groups to embrace memoQ cloud and memoQ’s web interface. memoQ 2015 adds more powerful functionality to the web interface with new user management functionality and an improved task overview. A project manager can assign users to project tasks and manage users from the web based interface. The task overview for translators and reviewers was also completely revamped, with a much better overview of tasks that need attention.
  • Improved compatibility
    With memoQ 2015 we have again improved memoQ’s compatibility with other translation technologies. memoQ is able to read comments including text highlights from SDLXLIFF and whatever you enter in memoQ shows up correctly back in Trados Studio. If the original file was Microsoft Word, memoQ recognizes SDLXLIFF formatting and all other tags and allows you to change the formatting which is preserved if you import the file back to Trados Studio.

memoQ 2015 Highlights

I’m interested – What next?

Existing customer

If you have bought memoQ or memoQ server in the last year or you have a current maintenance agreement you can download and start using it immediately. If there is an issue with your license or anything else please contact us at and we will deal with it immediately.
If you have bought more than one year ago and have not got a current maintenance agreement, you simply need to pay for the maintenance agreement. You can find information on this on our customer portal or contact

The cost of support and maintenance is 20% of the list price per year.  Please feel free to view the upgrade and support policy here.

New customer

  • If you are a translator we would recommend downloading a trial of memoQ translator pro 2015. 
  • If you are interested in memoQ cloud server, you can start a one month trial for free here.
  • If you are interested in memoQ server 2015, fill out the form below to contact our sales team:


There are a number of resources to help you get started and help you use our software including:
  In addition to this there is a growing number of blogs which feature information and useful advice on memoQ. You can find this through search for the hashtag memoQ on twitter or searching for blogs about memoQ.