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memoQ cloud server - Even small translation teams can think big!
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When do you need a memoQ cloud server?

If you are translating alone, you are good with memoQ translator pro licenses. If you are reviewing the work of a translator and vice versa, you are probably still good with memoQ translator pro licenses.

However, if you need to see what other translators do or review as they translate, you definitely need a memoQ cloud server. The memoQ cloud server is a collaborative solution that allows two or more people to share translation memories, term bases, LiveDocs corpora, and also work in online projects that simplify teamwork.

You don't need to worry about creating duplicates when you are sharing your translation memories or term bases, as the whole concept of sharing is real time. You can also invite others to work via memoQ WebTrans, a web interface that works in browsers under most operating systems, thus involving your customers in the review and discussion process.


The memoQ cloud server offers concurrent access licensing. This means that with one license, one person can work at one time, but then this can be given to someone else, too. There are two types of user licenses: translator and project manager licenses.

A project manager license includes all functionality that a translator license does, plus multilingual project management, package management, online project management and server management. You must always subscribe for at least one project manager license, but you can always change the number of licenses you need.

You can always download your data from this server.


The memoQ cloud server is very powerful as it is, but we offer some extra modules that make it even more powerful.

API for workflow integration

Looking to integrate the memoQ server with your project management system, or building special applications internally or for your customers? memoQ's fully documented SOAP APIs allow you to automate almost any aspect of the system.


Do you want to offer value-added terminology services to your customers? Get our browser-based professional terminology management system that integrates seamlessly with the memoQ cloud server.

Note: there is basic terminology management integrated without QTerm and that may be enough for your collaborative translation needs.

Start your memoQ cloud server trial or request advice from our team

If you are have clear understanding of how many licenses you need, you may start our memoQ cloud server trial right away. 

If you are unsure, get in touch with one of our sales representatives to help determine what is best for you. You will need to fill out a short form where we ask about the size of your team. Don't worry if your numbers are not final, we just want to have a ballpark estimate. Enter how many project managers would need to use the memoQ cloud server at the same time, and how many translators you are working with simultaneously. If a freelance translator already has a desktop memoQ translator pro license, they don't need to take a license from you, so don't add them here. If they don't, and you want to give them a temporary license, include them. Also include your in-house translators who work at the same time.