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  • Workflow automation
  • Collaborative translation
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The memoQ server offers a type of licensing called Enterprise Manament Licensing (EML). With ELM licensing, you assign licenses to users until they expire or the users themselves return the licenses. They have the freedom to work offline and they can continue to work also if your server happens to be temporarily down. Less risk, but more administrative overhead if you want to work with the same amount of licenses.

There are two types of user licenses: translator and project manager licenses. A project manager license includes all functionality that a translator license does, plus multilingual project management, package management, online project management and server management. If you need more translator licenses just temporarily, you can also rent some for one month or more.

Browser-based translation and review

Save translator training time or software installation by introducing memoQWebTrans which enables you to work on translation and review tasks in a web browser. Read more about WebTrans here.


The memoQ server is very powerful as it is, but we offer some extra modules that make it even more powerful.

API for workflow integration

Looking to integrate the memoQ server with your ERP or process management system, or building special applications that require translation memory or terminology management? memoQ's fully documented SOAP APIs allow you to automate almost any aspect of the system.

Content Connectors

Translating websites, software or mobile app content, or having routine translation tasks? Monitor folders and if the content changes there, memoQ will take care of the new and updated documents in different languages through automated workflows.


Professional terminology management can increase brand awareness, speed up time-to-market and reduce customer support requests. Get our browser-based professional terminology management system that integrates seamlessly with the memoQ server. (Note that there is basic terminology management integrated without qTerm, too.)

How can you try the memoQ server?

First, request a form by filling a form (see section below). Then we get in touch with you to understand your business and your needs better. Some companies want to deploy memoQ as their only tool, others want to introduce it step by step, and there are companies who are requested to use memoQ by their customers. 

After understanding your business needs, and checking if a memoQ server really makes sense for you, we suggest an evaluation. We recommend that you use a real-life project for evaluation because we can fully support you and guarantee that your project will be a success. If you don't want to use a real-life project, we should define together beforehand what qualifies as a successful evaluation. For special implementations of memoQ server, you can also rely on our professional services department

Get started and request a demo/quotation

In order for us to be able to send you a quotation, we need some information. Please enter how many project managers would need to use the memoQ server at the same time, and how many translators you are working with at the same time. If a freelance translator already has a memoQ translator pro license, they don't need to take a license from you, so don't add them here. If they don't, and you want to give them a temporary license, include them. Also include your in-house translators who work at the same time. Don't worry if your numbers are not final, we just want to give you a ballpark estimate.

Getting started with memoQ cloud server

memoQ cloud server is a cloud-based option that some companies may also want to consider. Unlike memoQ server, cloud server is a subscription based service which you can start and stop at any time.

Pricing - memoQ cloud server
  • Flexible licensing
  • Predictable cost
  • Automated setup and maintenance
You can directly start a free trial with memoQ cloud server or you may want to ask for advice from our team.