Upgrade benefits

memoQ server upgrade benefits for other companies

This section lists some of the new enhancements in memoQ server and outlines some of the many benefits of upgrading for translation buyer companies.
  • Product enhancements
    There are many reasons why a translation buyer might want to upgrade to the latest version of memoQ server. The following are just three of the many new features.
    Project templates and workflow automation
    Project templates and workflow automation save 80% of the clicks for project setup and management. If your organization has recurring processes, you can completely automate them, thus making your projects uniform and comparable, and removing the need for training. Usually translation buyers operate with 3-10 project templates, it's enough to just set them up, test them, and then just select the workflow and add the documents.
    Image localization
    This functionality allows you manage the localization of images embedded within a document and includes functionality for transcription, sending notes to localizer and re-inserting images. This saves you a lot of coordination time.
    Translation Management
    Language Terminal is a portal for language workers and with memoQ you can use Language Terminal for managing your projects, your costs and your vendors. This turns the memoQ server into a full-fledged translation management system (TMS).

    If your localization processes are complex and you need full control over them we recommend to use a Translation Management System memoQ server is integrated with.
  • Control your process and costs
    An issue many companies face is that although they know they are getting benefit from having their goods and products translated they do not know what they are spending on translation and how effective this is.

    Key to resolving this issue is an optimised and consistent translation / localization process. memoQ will help you quickly achieve this optimization and also make your process more consistent. Keeping your memoQ server and memoQ up to date gives you greater control of your translation projects and your translation budget.
  • Great support
    Kilgray is working hard to ensure that we have the sort of support for our products which our customers deserve.
    Extended availability hours
    Front line support:
    • Monday-Friday: 2 AM - 5 PM (US EST) == 8 AM - 11 PM (CET)
    • Saturday: 4 AM - 12 PM (US EST) == 10 AM - 6 PM (CET)
    • Sunday: we provide courtesy support and answer urgent tickets only that prevent work or delivery.
    Support tickets arriving within these timeframes are answered faster and of course all tickets arriving in the off hours are sometimes answered promptly but surely answered on the next day. We also answer emergency support queries on Sundays.                    
    Staffed to provide quick answers
    If you encounter any problem, a team of eight people is here to help you. If there is a peak in support requests, an additional eight people help out. For more complex support issues, there is also a number of people who work on second level and developer support.  

    Solving your problems quickly
    No company’s support is perfect. However, we work hard at trying to provide the best support for our customers. We have eight people working full-time on support as well as additional people that get called in for more complex cases. We understand that if a customer has a problem it needs to be addressed urgently, because you have delivery deadlines. We believe this focus on solving customer issues quickly is an important reason for choosing memoQ, and you can continue to be entitled to the same great support if you extend your support and upgrade agreement.

    Your feedback is important!
    We listen to each and every customer equally and with respect. Should it be an urgent software problem, an opinion, a feature request or a wowing testimonial message you can be sure your message reaches the right people within the company. If there is a significant support issue which requires team efforts, it will be brought to the attention of the CEO very soon after it is raised.