memoQ server upgrade benefits for translation companies

memoQ server upgrade benefits for translation companies

This section lists some of the new enhancements in memoQ server and outlines some of the many benefits of upgrading for translation companies.
  • Product enhancements
    There are many reasons why a translation company might want to upgrade to the latest version of memoQ server. The following are just three of the many new features.

    Project templates and workflow automation
    Project templates and workflow automation save 80% of the clicks for project setup and management. They completely automate the management of recurring project types while paying attention to details of the projects. This saves project manager training time and improves the quality of your processes.

    Image localization
    This functionality allows you to manage image localization within your standard localization processes: it automates the process of extracting images embedded in documents and includes functionality for transcription, sending notes to localizer and re-inserting images.

    Translation tab
    A project manager needs to know the details and status of the documents which make up their project. The translation tab in memoQ server has been enhanced to provide structure, details and assignment information.
  • Return On Investment
    The case for upgrading your software is simple: does it improve our process in such a way that I will easily and quickly recoup my investment? 

    memoQ’s track record of innovation shows that companies which have embraced this technology have seen a very good return on their investment, and the majority of our customers have also grown significantly. In the early years of memoQ development the focus was on improving translation leverage. memoQ has continued to innovate in that area, most notably with its LiveDocs technology. However, the designers of memoQ have spent a lot of time listening to professionals at translation companies and looking at how their work can be optimized.

    In memoQ 2013 we introduced innovations in how translation quality is managed. It is less costly to find and resolve problems at an earlier stage and memoQ helps you do this. In memoQ 2014 there are huge improvements in translation project management. Automation is used, not just to speed up the process but also to make it more consistent and this process improvement has a very obvious value for translation companies.

    Tracking your ROI
    As most software upgrades contain elements that bring overall improvements, assigning a simple ROI metric (like time needed to set up a project or average turnaround time etc.) can be a tough job. As our colleagues have seen a lot of different cases for ROI calculation we're ready to consult you on this. Just ask, we're happy to help!
  • Great support
    Kilgray is working hard to ensure that we have the sort of support for our products which our customers deserve.
    Extended availability hours
    Front line support:
    • Monday-Saturday NON-STOP: starting on Monday at 06:00 AM CET (Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin) / 12:00 AM EDT (New York, Boston) / 01:00 PM JST (Tokyo) / 12 PM CST (Beijing) and finish on Saturday morning at the same time.
    • Saturday: starting at 10:00 AM CET/05:00 AM EDT/06:00 PM JST/04:00 PM CST until 06:00 AM CET/12:00 PM EDT/01:00 AM JST/12:00 AM CST 
    • Sunday: we provide courtesy support and answer urgent tickets only that prevent work or delivery.
    Support tickets arriving within these timeframes are answered faster and of course all tickets arriving in the off hours are sometimes answered promptly but surely answered on the next day. We also answer emergency support queries on Sundays.
    Staffed to provide quick answers
    If you encounter any problem, a team of eight people is here to help you. If there is a peak in support requests, an additional eight people help out. For more complex support issues, there is also a number of people who work on second level and developer support.  

    Solving your problems quickly
    No company’s support is perfect. However, we work hard at trying to provide the best support for our customers. We have eight people working full-time on support as well as additional people that get called in for more complex cases. We understand that if a customer has a problem it needs to be addressed urgently, because you have delivery deadlines. We believe this focus on solving customer issues quickly is an important reason for choosing memoQ, and you can continue to be entitled to the same great support if you extend your support and upgrade agreement.

    Your feedback is important!
    We listen to each and every customer equally and with respect. Should it be an urgent software problem, an opinion, a feature request or a wowing testimonial message you can be sure your message reaches the right people within the company. If there is a significant support issue which requires team efforts, it will be brought to the attention of the CEO very soon after it is raised.