We are presenting memoQ 8.1, our second release for 2017. Read on for details about the improvements. They come in four main areas: previewing translations, the translator’s work in general, project management, and the Customer portal —  which was introduced earlier this year, and is now improved. This release will not add complexity to the software: these improvements bring better performance and a much more user-friendly memoQ. And because we know how much these improvements mean to your daily work, we have also introduced new integrations with other systems.

As you will probably notice, we have decided to move away from blue and seas, and go back to basics, which is where we all feel more comfortable: numbered versions and the color orange. We have been listening carefully and taking your feedback seriously!


Improvements on the memoQ Preview

The HTML-based preview pane in memoQ has long been one of the software’s strongest assets. We have made it even better! See what is new in the memoQ preview pane here:


Press CTRL + F and a box titled "Find" appears. Type in the keyword you are looking for, and memoQ will search for it in the preview pane.

Translation Work Related Improvements

New integrations, increased compatibility with other tools, and much more! 


Project Related Improvements

memoQ 8.1 makes project management easier and provides integration with the neural MT engines from Google and Bing.

What is new in Customer Portal?

Customer Portal was introduced earlier this year and is now improved!


You can easily configure your Customer Portal to match your brand image. 


Learn more about Customer Portal

Customer Portal — introduced earlier this year — is a platform that translation companies and enterprises can use to connect easily with their clients. If you want to learn more about Customer Portal, click here.

Try Customer Portal

You can try memoQ Customer Portal for free for a special trial period until the end of memoQfest 2017 (9 June). You can test the features using up to ten contact points (ten different people/customers every 24 hours) during the trial period.

I am interested! What next?

If you would like to purchase a copy of memoQ for the first time or simply upgrade your current license to memoQ 8.1, then follow the instructions below.

New customers

If you are representing a translation company or an enterprise you can download memoQ server directly from our site or contact us to buy it.

If you are a translator, you can buy a new copy of memoQ translator pro directly from our webshop. We first recommend downloading the free 30-day trial edition of memoQ.

If you would like to use memoQ's Language Terminal, you can sing up for free here.

Existing customers

If you have a memoQ license and a valid support and maintenance agreement, you can download memoQ 8.1 and start using it immediately. If your support and maintenance is expired, you need to renew it to install memoQ 8.1. 

If you haven't tried memoQ's Language Terminal yet, you can easily sign up for free.