memoQ 8.2 is Kilgray’s third release for this year. Like others, this release aims at making memoQ a much stronger and reliable translation environment for translators, translation companies, and enterprises. Improvements come in five main themes: Machine translation, integrations with third party system, system security, automation, productivity boosters and user experience.
Productivity Boosters & UX

Productivity Boosters & UX

The items listed below are productivity boosters for translation work and user experience enhancements.

  • X-translate shuffled paragraphs
  • Multiple Regex Taggers
  • Multilingual Excel files
  • Client TMs in the web-based PM interface
  • Confirm without update
  • Importing packages from other CAT tools
  • Categorize QA checks into errors or warnings
  • Relative paths on memoQ Web
  • memoQ WebSearch: snappier, and leaks no more
  • Loading long lists of projects
  • Better tooltips
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Here you can check new integrations with memoQ or improvements to existing ones.

  • The WordPress Filter
  • Rigi Integration
  • Web Services API
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The improvements listed below are specific to online workflows and collaborative projects.

  • Open Workflows for Vendors
  • Subvendor and GroupSourcing automated
  • Manually exported change-tracked document
  • Better access to QTerm termbases in server to server workflows
  • More efficient File export in Content Connected projects
  • Filter project by creator
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Machine Translation

Machine Translation

We continue to bring you improvements on Machine Translation. See the list below!

  • Self-Learning MT
  • Centralized machine translation settings
  • Re-use machine translation configurations
  • Formatting & inline tags in machine translated segments
  • Machine translation in MatchPatch
  • Machine-translate selected text
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Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Customer Portal was introduced earlier this year and it keeps evolving. Check out the new functionality!

  • Customer Portal on memoQ cloud server
  • Manual QA step before delivery to client
  • Canceled Quotes
  • Notifications
  • Pricing
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We keep working on making memoQ a more secure translation environment. The following are enhancements to system security.

  • Chat over HTTPS
  • Encrypted communication for Content Connectors
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I am interested! What next?

If you would like to purchase a copy of memoQ for the first time or simply upgrade your current license to memoQ 8.2, then follow the instructions below.



New customers

If you are a translator, you can buy a new copy of memoQ translator pro directly from our webshop. We first recommend downloading the free 30-day trial edition of memoQ.

If you are representing an enterprise or a translation company or you can download memoQ server directly from our website or contact us to purchase it.

Existing customers

If you have a memoQ license and a valid support and maintenance agreement with Kilgray, you can download memoQ 8.3 and start using it immediately. If your support and maintenance is expired, you need to renew it to install memoQ 8.3.