We are almost at the end of the year, but before we slow down a bit, we would like to present you with our latest and last release for 2017. memoQ 8.3 brings about improvements in five main themes: terminology, integrations with content-management systems and other party technology, translation work, filters in memoQ, and memoQWeb - the browser-based version of memoQ.


Proper terminology management is not only essential to guarantee translation quality; it also affects productivity just as much as translation memory does, and it is equally important.

  • Term base entry details pane
  • Managing term extraction
  • Term extraction editor
  • New export option for extracted terms
  • Exporting to a memoQ term base
  • Editable and customizable QTerm glossary
  • QTerm Terminology management
  • Export & import in QTerm
  • QTerm – better user experience
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By improving our integration with content management systems and other third-party technology, we continue to create a more open and reliable translation environment.

  • The memoQ WordPress Connector
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Document import and export

Document import and export

Getting documents into and out of memoQ might not sound like the most exciting topic, but these capabilities are essential and can make or break a translation tool.

  • Multilingual Excel: formatting
  • XLIFF: mrk tags
  • DOCX, XLSX: ignore local formatting to facilitate chained import
  • JSON: translatable, comment, context import
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Translation work

Translation work

Even though memoQ 8.3 focuses on terminology, we have also been working on some other improvements to boost productivity for translation work.

  • Online Muse
  • Restore selected version button
  • Comments on reviews
  • High DPI for 8.3
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We are working to make memoQWeb as competitive as the memoQ desktop application. Check the new functionality and expect more radical improvements for next year!

  • No more paging in WebTrans
  • Filtering and sorting in WebTrans
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I am interested! What next?

If you would like to purchase a copy of memoQ for the first time or simply upgrade your current license to memoQ 8.3, then follow the instructions below.


New customers

If you are a translator, you can buy a new copy of memoQ translator pro directly from our webshop. We first recommend downloading the free 30-day trial edition of memoQ.

If you are representing an enterprise or a translation company or you can download memoQ server directly from our website or contact us to purchase it.

Existing customers

If you have a memoQ license and a valid support and maintenance agreement with Kilgray, you can download memoQ 8.3 and start using it immediately. If your support and maintenance is expired, you need to renew it to install memoQ 8.3.