memoQ 9.0 comes with a brand new interface for project management on the web, improvements in quality assurance and machine translation, a new interface to select document import options, and many other productivity features. memoQ server administrators will be able to track the storage usage of projects and resources.​

Machine Translation

  • memoQ 9.0 now supports the latest version of Microsoft’s machine translation service, Translator Text API v3.0. This version is based solely on neural machine translation, and supports more than three dozen languages. It also includes an additional feature, Custom Translator, that you can use to build your own custom NMT system! You train Microsoft’s MT with your own resources, such as translation memories and term bases. Custom Translator guarantees full privacy. Your training data is shared only with those you choose, and you can revoke sharing at any time.
  • Do you use DeepL, Kantan, Crosslang or Systran? All their plugins have been updated in memoQ 9.0 so you can enjoy the benefits of their latest releases.
  • Mirai TranslatorTM is a cloud-based machine translation service integrated with a neural machine translation engine developed in collaboration with the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT). The available language pairs are Japanese <> English and Japanese <> Chinese (Simplified). 
  • Finally, memoQ 9.0 comes with a painstakingly updated Machine Translation SDK (software development kit). We made requirements more transparent to make it easier for third-party developers to create MT plugins for memoQ. This update also has new content and a more comprehensive, better commented dummy plugin.

Quality Assurance

  • New in memoQ 9.0, you can now set severity levels for all QA options, whether they are turned on or off in your current QA settings. If you are one of those translators who like to use a single QA settings file and tweak it on the go, then you will appreciate the new check box on the Severity tab.
  • ​Does your price calculation include extra work that might be needed to resolve problems identified in the translation memory you receive to work with? Is the translation memory in line with the term base? Use the objective information in memoQ’s QA report to start a discussion with your client about pricing based on the scope of work entailed. Exporting QA reports of translation documents is one of the most popular features in memoQ’s Quality Assurance module. In memoQ 9.0, the QA reports are even more useful. Now you can also export QA reports about translation memories!

​memoQWeb for Project Management

Project managers especially will find much to like in the new and improved features in memoQWeb, the browser-based working environment that comes with memoQ server. The most spectacular change in the 9.0 release is a brand new web interface for the Administration and the Project management modules! You can see how the new interface looks like in the short video below.


​Import Documents

Streamlined document importing in memoQ 9.0! You have various options when importing documents to memoQ. To reduce the number of clicks when doing so, we have now united “filter” and “configuration” into one column to make it easier for you to find custom filters. “Action” and “languages” are now also in one column.


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For our customers

If you have a memoQ license and a valid support and maintenance agreement, you can download memoQ 9.0 and start using it immediately. If your support and maintenance is expired, you need to renew it to install memoQ 9.0. 


New customers

If you are a translator, you can buy a new copy of memoQ translator pro directly from our webshop. We first recommend downloading the free 30-day trial edition of memoQ.

If you are representing an enterprise or a translation company or you can download memoQ server directly from our website or contact us to purchase it.