Do a barrel roll! - memoQ tricks for easier game l10n

From file preparation to quality assurance, game localization poses multiple challenges to language professionals working in Agile-developed projects.

This presentation will address some of the trials we face at Keywords Studios-Spain on a daily basis (including handling multiple file formats, on-the-fly updates to assets, length restrictions for both user interfaces and VO scripts, use of variables and tags, terminology consistency and translation memory maintenance), our approach to make the most of memoQ in order to successfully tackle them, and a couple of unresolved issues we've got in storage.
Santiago García Sanz
LQA Supervisor, Keywords Studios-Spain
Back in 2006, Santiago G. Sanz completed a degree in Translation and Interpreting in Vigo, Spain. Soon, he would find an entry to the gaming industry as a Spanish l10n tester at 2K Games Europe in Windsor, UK. After some productive testing projects, including BioShock and Dora (the Explorer) saves the Mermaids, he returned home and contributed to over 300 localisation projects as a freelance translator and reviewer for nearly a decade. Early 2015, Santiago joined KiteTeam in Madrid as Linguist Lead. Today, he oversees all things LQA at the company, which is now called Keywords Studios-Spain.