Maxing out your game localisation skills in co-op mode

Game localisation requires more than the work of one single translator; it takes a complex ecosystem with multiple stakeholders, skills and processes to replicate engaging player experience across different languages.

Our aim is to explore how the developer and the language service provider can work together to ensure a high-quality outcome, and in particular, how memoQ can support this collaborative process.

The core message of this talk is to reconcile the traditional 'quality' conflict between vendor and client, find a mutual ground for understanding each other and show that we can achieve more by joining forces and playing in co-op mode.

Topics will include
  • Discussing terminology challenges
  • Building and working with an in-game glossary
  • Addressing the peculiarities of game terms, like genders and cases
  • Ensuring compliance with console glossaries, illustrated through real life examples
  • A few interesting use cases for auto-translation rules
  • X-translate versus pre-translate, and why they're so important for games
  • Creating and working with style guides - QA checks that can be life-savers when someone is working on video game translation

Tamara Tirják
Localization Manager, Frontier Developments

Tamara is the Senior Localisation Manager of Frontier Developments, a self-publishing video game developer based in Cambridge, UK. She is responsible for coordinating all localisation-related activities across the organisation, focusing on establishing reproducible, automated processes in order to streamline translation efforts and support the company’s international presence.

Tamara’s previous experience includes working as an in-house linguist, project manager, translation tool support engineer and technical trainer for various leading language service providers. She is a certified memoQ trainer and a qualified English-Hungarian translator and interpreter, and holds an MSc degree in Technology Management.

Zoltán Paczona
Language Lead, TEK Localization

Zoltan is the Language Lead of TEK Localizations, a full-service localization company based in Budapest, Hungary. Over the years, the company has managed to position themselves as leading experts in IT translations, with gaming as their fastest growing division.
Zoltan has been working in IT and game localization for more than a decade; and, being the owner of one of the oldest Hungarian online gaming magazines still in circulation, he regularly attends gaming conventions and press events in Europe, meeting with developers and distributors from around the world.