Maximizing legal and financial translation productivity and quality with memoQ

Legal and financial translation pose unique challenges for individuals and teams to handle structured information and references effectively, with deadlines which could often be described as lunatic. Optimized workflows and access to reference information are critical for accurate, timely translation and quality assurance, but too often the right technical ingredients are not present or properly configured to get the best results in the time available.

This presentation provides an overview of key tasks in language service work for law and finance and how to overcome typical problems to achieve more accurate, timely completion of pressing projects. memoQ is uniquely suited for mastering the challenges of these fields, and the better strategies possible with memoQ for terminology management and use, corpus compilation and management, dealing with difficult formats such as PDF, fast-paced update cycles and dealing with structured information such as dates, currency expressions, legal citations and other references and improved means of sharing information in teams can distinguish you from the competition while at the same time making the work less stressful and more profitable.

The tribulations of specialist translation are many and diverse, so session attendees are encouraged to bring their own challenges with them for discussion in the Q&A at the end of the presentation.

Kevin Lossner
Freelance translator, blogger, memoQ power user
Kevin Lossner is a state-examined translator for science, publicly appointed and sworn by the Bavarian courts. As a technology consultant and advocate for efficient, humane workflows with competent professionals and sustainable relationships with language service clients, he continues to seek out the best options for all stakeholders in the translation process and share these in continuing education and university sessions and on his blog, Translation Tribulations.