Translating online helps: Meeting customer requirements in XML translation

Processing online helps can be tough. Translation jobs like that tend to have very special requirements: they typically consist of a large volume of XML and HTML files, certain elements within these files need to be translated according to specific HMI text lists and text can be very repetitive. We're not only facing a complex but also very error-prone task. This calls for a comprehensive workflow that automizes as much as possible. Time to go crazy on import filter settings, customized scripts, automated actions and almost any other neat feature that memoQ offers!

Marie Blanke
Translation manager, kothes Gmbh
I have found my way into the world of translation in 2009. Having to deal with complex jobs right away, I soon discovered the power of CAT tools. Originally being a mathematician, I have a thing for algorithms – so in the past years, I’ve gained quite some experience with complex workflows and automated steps. After joining kothes GmbH in 2015, I have become the key figure when it comes to setting up translation processes maximising the productivity and the quality of our clients' translation output making everyone's life a little easier.