Translating Wordpress sites – from selfmade filter to the WPML connector

The presentation will show how the translation of Wordpress files changed for PRODOC with the introduction of the new WPML filter and the memoQ Wordpress CMS connector.

Right from the start we chose Wordpress as a CMS for our site because for Wordpress there is the WPML plugin that allows to export XLIFF files of single / multiple pages, have them translated and import the translated content back into Wordpress.

WPML also has a number of additional options / settings that make management of multilingual websites easy.
The drawback is that the XLIFF created by WPML is really crappy and standard XLIFF filters are of no use for translation of WPML XLIFF files.

Therefore we created or own filter configuration which, however, covered most, but not all text managed in our theme.
When Kilgray announced their new WPML filter we were really happy to be one of their test customers accompanying the filter development and the creation of the Wordpress connector.


Stefan Weimar (CEO at PRODOC translations GmbH)

Stefan WeimarI studied electrical engineering at TH Darmstadt and learned to master English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Catalan, more or less. In my first job I was working as support engineer for Italian and South-American customers of a branch of ABB. After some years in this job, I founded PRODOC as a service provider for technical documentation and technical translation. Over the years, the focus of our services shifted towards translation. The targeted customers are medium sized companies in the automation industry, power engineering and automotive suppliers. I strongly believe that we can bring added value to our customers through the great variety of functions of memoQ and creative use of those.