memoQ for reviewers

memoQ is a versatile tool intended both for translation and review work. However, many default settings in memoQ are defined with translators, not reviewers in mind. I'm going to present various scenarios for reviewing text both translated in memoQ (offline and online projects) and bilingual imports from different software (e.g. Trados Studio) and show you how to work efficiently employing various memoQ features like penalties for users/TMs/metadata, match insertion threshold or status change.


Marek Pawelec
Freelance translator, memoQ power user

Technical and literary English to Polish translator. Educated in biology and chemistry, fan of good science-fiction and a living proof that one can live off his hobby. After graduating in Molecular Biology on the Jagiellonian University for worked two years at the faculty of medicine and then at the faculty of chemistry, where he started a post-graduate studies. Later gave up the scientific career and commenced the work as a translator for his favorite literary genre: science-fiction. Encouraged by a friend, he combined translation experience with hands-on medical, biological and chemical terminology knowledge, translating technical texts. Currently working on both literary and technical translations in medicine and chemistry for Polish and international translation agencies, using a whole array of CAT and TEnT tools.