memoQ magic!

Somehow, we never seem to find time to get past the basics, but sometimes if we know what we are missing, curiosity will get the better of us. This presentation would like to provoke you with some “hidden gems”.

Are you aware of what is unique about memoQ? Do you know what you can do with LiveDocs? Do you know that you can take
advantage of memoQ TM Search, wherever you are: in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, or Google Docs? How do you handle txt files where the source rows are repeated twice with a symbol in the middle? Do you know what a difference fine-tuning the setup options or how much project settings influence your work? A client sends you a package obtained from Excel but full of HTML tags!

OK you have a higher word count but how do you cope without going mad? Do you improve quality and save time with Untranslatables and Ignore lists? How do you obtain context for CMS jobs?

Topics that will be delivered during this session
  • Abbreviations, autotranslatables, Untranslatables, ignore
  • Filtering – sorting - Views
  • LiveDocs magic: life-saver,
  • Reimport, Update, Xtranslate
  • Tag weighing
  • Track changes and history
  • Monolingual review


Juliet Macan
freelance consultant and trainer

For many years a freelance IT-EN-GB translator in Italy, and a member of AITI. Gained experience with CAT tools: IBM Translation
Manager, Trados and DejaVu, Star Transit, SLDx, Multitrans, memoQ, across, XTM, ONTRAM and Matecat. She also investigated the
Quality Assurance functions of these tools in comparison with stand-alone QA tools such as Error Spy, QA Distiller and ApSIC XBench.
Over the last decade she has lectured at several Italian universities, given presentations at numerous conferences throughout Europe
and held workshops on translation tools and QA procedures and technology for language technology specialists, project managers and
translators across Europe. Vice president of AsLing (Association internationale pour la promotion des technologies linguistiques), that
promotes the development, knowledge and use of translation technology in the academic sector, large international organizations and
amongst translators. An expert in translation technology and the problems related to new authoring methods, she provides consultancy
services and training for international companies. She is also a member of MET, and the Italian Com&Tec.