Terminology management systems comparison: the struggle is real. What I learnt comparing 30 tools

In 2013, I was presenting at memoQfest on benefits of terminology management in a unified terminology management system. Since that time, technology landscape has changed. We now have more than 30 terminology management systems to choose from. To help many companies out there with this choice, at Nimdzi we have investigated most of the solutions present. As a result, we published a report on the state of terminology management, and I will be gladly sharing our key findings with memoQfest attendees.

We have also launched an interactive comparison page https://www.nimdzi.com/tbs which will be listing up to 30 tools in May-2019. We are constantly adding more valuable comparison criteria to this page, as per the requests from both the enterprise and LSP sides.



Yulia Akhulkova
Nimdzi, Data Scientist // ITI, Head of l10n

Yulia Akhulkova graduated from Moscow University of Electronic Engineering as a software engineer. Since 2010 she has worked in localization combining strategic, control and marketing functions. Yulia’s experience in language services together with the urge to popularize the localization industry itself help her manage a l10n department in ITI, as well as contribute to Nimdzi’s research and analysis. She is a regularly invited speaker at several international conferences and in local universities.