Migrating complex legacy documents to memoQ using memoQmt

In this presentation, David Lakritz of LAI Global Game Services will describe mQmt (memoQ migration tool), a proprietary tool which LAI developed to help automate the migration of a large volume of Trados 2007 legacy TMs and Word docs to memoQ.

The tool contains heuristics to circumvent memoQ's limitations, significantly speeding up the migration process and improving the quality of the final TMs.

A case study will be presented showing how the tool was used, the problems solved and the cost and time savings achieved.


David Lakritz, President & CEO, LAI Global Game Services

David Lakritz is LAI’s Chief Executive Officer and President, overseeing all operations within the company and providing leadership for its technology vision and business strategies. David has over 25 years of experience in management and business development within the localization and technology industries, and is a frequent speaker at game and localization conferences. He is the inventor and author of five patents in core language technology and translation management systems and the chief architect of LAI's Agile Game Localization Framework (ALF), a next-generation translation management system, and GMA, a mobile app that helps game developers and publishers find the best markets for their games. Prior to founding LAI, David was a system performance architect at NeXT Computer, and prior to that a computer engineer, architect and group manager at Amdahl Corporation, (now part of Fujitsu Ltd).

David holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University, and an MBA from Golden Gate University. David is also a Japanese-to-English technical translator, and has lived and traveled extensively in the Pacific Rim.