Networking events at memoQfest 2018

memoQfest 2018 will be much more than a series of industry-related presentations and panel discussions: fun will also be an integral part of the event with dinners, parties, excursions and much more... Just one piece of advice: do not forget to put in your dancing when preparing your luggage for memoQfest!

Welcome reception (Tuesday 29 May 2018 - 8.00pm) 

Networking activities with the memoQ team start on 29 May already. Meet the memoQ team in the heart of the city, and discover the feeling provided by the unique atmosphere of the Columbus Boat, and be be charmged by the amazing panorama.

Please note that this this boat is a restaurant and does not move. If you wish to sign up for a boat trip, please register for the Informal dinner, which will take place on 1 June (Friday).



Pre-conference night (Wednesday 30 May 2018 - 8.00pm)

If you attended memoQfests in the past, you surely know that we never return to networking venues we have visited earlier. This year's event will be somewhat special also in this sense, as we will return to the venue you loved - over the last 10 years - the most: the Museum of Kiscell.


Pre-conference networking dinner *is included in all memoQfest packages*. If you wish to bring a guest with you, an additional fee of 80 EUR (including VAT) will be charged. In this case please contact us.


Gala Dinner (Thursday 31 May 2018)

The Castle Garden is Budapest's unique jewelery box where art and nature complement each other. It is a distinctive work of architecture capable of offering an experience of history, culture and nature all at the same time, which makes it the perfect venue for the 10th memoQfests gala dinner.

Be charmed by the atmosphere, and be our guest for an unforgettable networking event!


The Gala Dinner is included in *all memoQfest packages except*. If you wish to bring a guest with you, an additional fee of 95 EUR (including VAT) will be charged.


(In)formal Dinner (Friday 1 June 2018)

How else would memoQfest take an end if not with a dinner on a boat over the Danube? Join us for this trip, be charmed by the panorama, and have fun with your new-old peers once more before you leave.
When the ride is over, we will do another short tour and visit the Citadel to catch the most beautiful face of the city. When booking your flight, please make sure you do not leave us on Friday; stay with us also for the weekend!


Please note that this dinner is *not included* in any memoQfest packages. If you wish to attend, you will need to buy a ticket in the webshop for 50 EUR (VAT included).

Should you have any questions regarding networking events, contact us. We are happy to help.