Networking events at memoQfest 2017

memoQfest 2018 will be much more than a series of industry-related presentations and panel discussions: fun will also be an integral part of the event with dinners, parties, excursions and much more... Just one piece of advice: do not forget to put in your dancing when preparing your luggage for memoQfest!


Welcome reception (29 May 2018 - 8.00pm)


Networking activities with the memoQ team start on 29 May already. Although the venue for the welcome reception has not been finalized yet (as we are in the process of selecting the best place out of the 4 possible candiates), we add this date here to make sure you arrive on time on 29 May. You may expect an update here quickly.


Pre-conference night (30 May 2018 - 8.00pm)

If you attended memoQfests in the past, you surely know that we never return to networking venues we have visited earlier. This year's event will be somewhat special also in this sense, as we will return to the venue you loved - over the last 10 years - the most: the Museum of Kiscell

hen you asked tourists in the 80’s what they like / know of Hungary, they usually gave you three words: csikós (horseman/shepherd), csárda (traditional Hungarian restaurant) and gulyás (goulash)…

With this pre-conference networking event we’d like to bring you back in time and show you what Hungary was famous of a couple of decades ago.


pre-conf-1.png   pre-conf-2.png   pre-conf-3.png  

Pre-conference networking dinner is included in *all* memoQfest packages. If you subscribed for the Train The Trainer session only and you'd like to join us, an additional fee of 70 EUR (including VAT) will be charged. In this case please contact us.


Gala Dinner (May 19, 2016 - 8.00pm)

Some of you might remember the story of Jonah and the whale from last year. Although we would have loved to bring the gala dinner to the newest event hall of Budapest, we were not able to.

As you know, we at Kilgray never give up, and – as a result – we managed to rent the whale from Jonah: be charmed by the atmosphere, and be our guest for an unforgettable networking event!

Gala1.png   gala-2.png   Gala3.png

Gala Dinner is included in all memoQfest packages except the "Train The Trainer" one. If you attend the training only and you'd like to join us for Thursday's Gala Dinner, please contact us. In this case an additional fee of 90 EUR (including VAT) will be charged.


(In)Formal Dinner (May 20, 2016 - 8.00pm)

This year's memoQfest will take an end in the Castle District of Budapest: join us for a dinner in the Hilton, and a Castle tour afterwards.

Please note that this dinner is *not included* in any memoQfest packages. If you wish to attend, you will need to buy a ticket in the webshop for 58 EUR (VAT included).



Should you have any questions regarding networking events, contact us. We are happy to help.