Networking events at memoQfest 2017

memoQfest 2017, as in previous years, will have not only industry-related presentations and panel discussions: fun will also be an integral part of the event with dinners, parties, excursions and much more...


Welcome reception (Tuesday 6 June 2017)

Networking activities start on 6 June already. Meet the Kilgray team in the heart of the city, discover the feeling provided by the unique atmosphere of the St Stephan's square, and be charmed by the amazing panorama.




Pre-conference night (Wednesday 7 June 2017)

This year we will leave Budapest again to discover the largest baroque palace in Hungary, The Royal Palace of Gödöllö. Hungary's biggest Baroque mansion was given as a gift to Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef I and his wife Elizabeth in 1867, upon their coronation as king and queen of Hungary...

Do you remember Franz Josef from last year's memoQfest? Travel through time with us, and join us to see how a pre-conference dinner looked like in the 19th century. 


Pre-conference networking dinner *is included in all memoQfest packages*. If you subscribed for the Train The Trainer session only and you'd like to join us, an additional fee of 70 EUR (including VAT) will be charged. In this case please contact us.

Gala Dinner (Thursday 8 June 2017)

The Hungarian National Museum traces its foundation to 1802 when Count Ferenc Széchenyi set up the National Library. This was followed by donating a mineral collection a year later, which led to the creation of the Hungarian National Museum as a general and natural history museum, and not only a library. Over the last 200 years the museum has gone through a set of transitions, and - as a result - even conferences and gala dinners are organized there recently.

We will take advantage of this opportunity, and organize this year's gala dinner in the Hungarian National Museum; be charmed by the atmosphere, and be our guest for an unforgettable networking event!


Gala Dinner is included in *all memoQfest packages except* the "Train The Trainer" one. If you attend the training only and you'd like to join us for Thursday's Gala Dinner, please contact us. In this case an additional fee of 95 EUR (including VAT) will be charged.

(In)formal Dinner (Friday 9 June 2017)

memoQfest would not be the same without a boat trip on the Danube. Join us for this year's informal dinner, enjoy the food and the panorama, and have a great time with your new/old friends you met at memoQfest.

Please note that this dinner is *not included* in any memoQfest packages. If you wish to attend, you will need to buy a ticket in the webshop for 50 EUR (VAT included).



Should you have any questions regarding networking events, contact us. We are happy to help.