Creating fake TMs and using them for the translation of software documentation

A case study for the internationalization of manuals: if a software exists only in German and English and the corresponding manual has to be translated into Korean, the correct user interface texts can be provided by memoQ.

In the automation industry, very often the user interface and the help files are only available in German and English. But these products also have extensive user manuals and these have to be translated into several languages, not just German and English. However, in the case study I am going to show, the customer does not want to translate the device software into other languages; he just wants the software manual to be translated into Korean.

But how will he explain the user interface in the Korean manual? He will show the English user interface texts and he wants to have them in the manual as they show up on the device display. Therefore, the English user interface texts have to be inserted into the Korean translation of the manual. If you can "convince" a LiveDocs Corpora to show the English user interface texts in the German-Korean translation project, the translator will have the entire English translation of the user interface at hand, although he is translating into Korean.
We have discovered a way how to do that in memoQ through the use of LiveDocs as fake TMs and are happy to show that at the upcoming memoQfest.

A more detailed description of the presentation can be found at:


Stefan Weimar (CEO at PRODOC translations GmbH)

Stefan WeimarI studied electrical engineering at TH Darmstadt and learned to master English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Catalan, more or less. In my first job I was working as support engineer for Italian and South-American customers of a branch of ABB. After some years in this job, I founded PRODOC as a service provider for technical documentation and technical translation. Over the years, the focus of our services shifted towards translation. The targeted customers are medium sized companies in the automation industry, power engineering and automotive suppliers. I strongly believe that we can bring added value to our customers through the great variety of functions of memoQ and creative use of those.