Real Features for a Fictional Language

Planco is a unique language, spoken by thousands of simulated guests visiting the theme parks of ‘Planet Coaster’, the highly successful theme park simulation game released by Frontier Developments in November 2016. This language was created by Frontier’s audio team and is used in guest dialogues, theme songs for rides and radio stations across the theme parks. Frontier has also made Planco one of the official languages of the Planet Coaster website, and published a dictionary to allow and encourage players to learn the language, and create their own applications and content.

As the tasks become increasingly complex, we heavily rely on memoQ’s TB features, fragment assembly, match patch and term extraction for any Planco work. Since it is a substitution language based on English, we can make use of smart machine translation solutions to handle the translation tasks.

For more information, please refer to the Planco dictionary on the Planco version of our website:



Tamara Tirják (Senior Localisation Manager, Frontier Developments plc.)
Tamara TirjákTamara is the Senior Localisation Manager of Frontier Developments, a self-publishing video game developer based in Cambridge, UK. She is responsible for coordinating all localisation-related activities across the organisation, focusing on establishing reproducible, automated processes in order to streamline translation efforts and support the company’s international presence.

Tamara’s previous experience includes working as an in-house linguist, project manager, translation tool support engineer and technical trainer for various leading language service providers. She is a certified memoQ trainer and a qualified English-Hungarian translator and interpreter, and holds an MSc degree in Technology Management.