Rejuvenating a memoQ server

The presentation covers a transition from a manual project workflow to a unified, semi-automated, easy-to-master memoQ project template based workflow. The presentation will highlight the benefits of template usage, including consistent naming, automated actions and file store, and how these help to make the project manager’s work more efficient and also how to rule out certain human errors. The main part of the presentation will focus on the goals of this change and on the steps to tidy up the server using some manual Excel manoeuvres and also API based scripts.


Marianna Nagy (Operations Manager, EDIMART)
Marianna NagyI am a translation industry professional, with over 10 years of experience in managing translation projects. Having worked for three top10 Hungarian translation agencies, I gained a broad overview of the processes and best practices within the translation industry. As Operations Manager, my main responsibility is to lead, train and build the project manager team as well as supervise the projects and advice on assigning external language engineers, DTP professionals and linguists. I employ my experience to optimize workflows and drive changes within the organization to gain effectivity through automated workflows and by rolling out tools that ensure quality.