memoQfest International

memoQfest 2016 is over now...

Events are just like this... Attendees come together to learn from industry experts and peers, share best practices, network a lot, and have fun together.

Many people think that memoQfests are special because they are organized and managed by the Kilgray people... Well, as we mentioned at the conference, this is just a 'simple' translation industry event without you. YOU are the ones who make it memoQfest.

Thank you very much for having you here, and thank you so much for all your input during these three days. We trust that both you and us will benefit a lot from what we have learned at this year's memoQfest.

To get an impression of the atmosphere of memoQfest 2016, watch the following teaser video, and... Make sure you book your seat for next year's event! Dates for memoQfest 2017 will be published shortly.