memoQfest International

Thank you for being us at this year's memoQfest!

memoQfest, our tenth conference on translation technology is over now... It was the biggest event we have had: more than 250 people from 30 countries attended to learn about the newest industry trends, see what's cooking at memoQ and get real-life tips and tricks from the memoQ team and other experienced memoQ users.

For a week, Kilgray was more or less out of office. It was a fantastic week - we truly hope you enjoyed it, too!

Let us thank you to our presenters for the brilliant sessions they have delivered; memoQfest would never be that exciting and inspiring without their expertise. Presentation slides and session videos are available on the conference website, while conference photos are uploaded to the memoQ Facebook page already.

Thank you also to our sponsors for supporting this year’s conference: Plunet, XTRF, Consoltec, Globalese and easyling have helped us a lot to make memoQfest an exciting event!
It is really hard to summarize 4 days in less than 3 minutes, but let us give it a try and bring you in the mood again ;-)
Thank you for being with us. Thank you for celebrating with us.
Thank you to each and every participant for making memoQfest such a great event.