Change Log update: 7.8.163

  • 07 March 2017
  • by Kilgray Team
Change Log update: 7.8.163

The newest Change Log for 7.8 users with your fixes – and with some new enhancements and updates. 

R1440: Enhanced – When creating an online project, we've made the Select target languages dialog multi-select. You can now add several languages with less clicks.

Updated – Update to the Kantan MT plugin.

R3132: Enhanced – Changes to project automation triggers to better support XTRF integrations.

Updated – SystranMT: Support added for Chinese languages regardless of locale.

0027169:  Fixed – On removing TM duplicates always the current modification date and user were saved regardless of settings.

0028795:  Fixed – High number of memoQweb HTTP requests caused IP block in TMG Cloud firewall.

0029059:  Fixed – Relative path placeholder in automated actions should calculate relative path based on whole project scope.

0029064:  Fixed – Doc file looked different in Word after export from memoQ in specific case.

0029133:  Fixed – sdlxliff could not be opened in Trados Studio in specific case.

0029198:  Fixed – [XsltPreview] Xslt assignment did not work properly in specific case.

0029208:  Fixed – TM match difference indicator "lamps" in Translations pane malfunctioned in a specific case.

0029210:  Fixed – Different server address warning was shown when having valid primary and secondary client connect addresses and connecting with secondary.

0029212:  Fixed – Monolingual review – Run Aligner command caused an error in specific case.

0029234:  Fixed – Solves a specific memOQ server crash bug related to single sign-on.

0029266:  Fixed – Concordance didn't give results when searching for Latin letters in Chinese source text.

0029273:  Fixed – General error happened when using Ctrl+Z to undo tag deletion.

0029288:  Fixed – Automated action export QA report on server failed in specific case.

0029291:  Fixed – ODT Bold formatting at certain places within target segment prevented export.

0029294:  Fixed – PHP – Import failed when a single line comment was followed by php closing tag (without line break).

0029295:  Fixed – Confirm and update rows window offered available metadata fields and values from a TM that is not the master TM (while the operation updates the master TM).

0029303:  Fixed – MemoQ(32).exe process was not closed when closing memoQ after created project from specific built-in template.

0029304:  Fixed – SDLXLIFF – Trados export failed in specific case due to different types of tags having same id in catalog.

0029308:  Fixed – Find next sometimes caused an error when searching in the opposite side of the current selection.

0029315:  Fixed – Track changes-related issue with migrating old project to the new version.

0029322:  Fixed – Unable to import TMX file into memoQ in specific case.

0029328:  Fixed – When importing data into a Qterm term base, the Next button was not working in specific case.

0029336:  Fixed – File name matching is inaccurate in specific case when creating alignment-pairs.

0029345:  Fixed – Exporting a Trados Studio package (SDLRPX) did not work in specific case. Also, after cancelling the first try, progress was not updated correctly.

0029347:  Fixed – Exporting users from Server Administrator ignored AD synced users.

0029350:  Fixed – Reject segment icon did not have grey background.

0029355:  Fixed – Solved specific issue with creating new term base entries.

0029356:  Fixed – Inactive date setting box and radio buttons in Assign window.

0029361:  Fixed – Export LQA error list to Excel did not work when there would have been an empty segment in the exported file.

0029363:  Fixed – Tag adjustment was not working in specific case, 1.

00% match rate for match inserted with wrong tags.

0029368:  Fixed – Import TBX to new TB failed with 'cannot access file' error in specific case.

0029370:  Fixed – DOCX – Importing specific docx file failed with word 2.

007 filter with comments import on.

0029371:  Fixed – Password reset in memoQweb opened a blank page.

0029378:  Fixed – Inline tags were at wrong position after exporting the XML document in specific case.

0029379:  Fixed – Changing API to secure communication reported error message and API did not work after restart in specific case.

0029384:  Fixed – Discretionary hyphens were not supported in the translation document editor.

0029389:  Fixed – LQA error lists update preview showed different result compared to statistics.

0029395:  Fixed – Changing the selected target languages didn't work during new project creation [R7647A].

0029402:  Fixed – When adding users to an online project, changing the ordering of the users unchecked the user added before.

0029407:  Fixed – Import a document did not work in Web PM with lightweight PM user.

0029410:  Fixed – Selecting/Deselecting LQA model caused a general error in specific case.

0029413:  Fixed – Concordance search result presentation was unusual in specific case.

0029419:  Fixed – When downloading a non-existing file from the project file store on memoQweb with 'Download as ZIP', an empty .zip file was downloaded.

0029426:  Fixed – MuLiDelimited – Long context IDs should be split in preview into multiple lines.

0029427:  Fixed – Continuous error messages were shown in specific case when trying to ignore QA warnings from the View panel.

0029429:  Fixed – QA move to next item command was disabled after ignoring and hiding an item.

0029431:  Fixed – XLIFF:DOC – status mapping-related issue.

0029432:  Fixed – memoQ didn't scroll down the window when ignoring the errors in the QA view.

0029434:  Fixed – Subvendor assignments got lost in specific case when removing users from an online project.

0029435:  Fixed – MemoQ imported the comments as tags in the source side with the doc filter.

0029437:  Fixed – Worldserver .TBX and .XCS import failed in specific case.

0029438:  Fixed – Web PM interface usage was allowed with a Translator Pro license in specific case.

0029444:  Fixed – GUI issues of the Alert icon.

0029447:  Fixed – Delivery callback was not called if delivering an offline package.

0029450:  Fixed – Patched TM matches appeared with lower match rate than the original TM match in specific case.

0029457:  Fixed – Template – extra TM was added to the project in specific case.

0029458:  Fixed – Reimport from content source failed in a special case.

0029460:  Fixed – Concordance from Language Terminal TM did not provide any hits in specific case.

0029467:  Fixed – LiveDocs alignment – extra copy of document appeared in specific case.

0029468:  Fixed – XLSX – Importing text form buttons labels fails.

0029470:  Fixed – Updating a project with a handoff package did not work in specific case.

0029472:  Fixed – WorldServer – Comments made in memoQ were not exported to (or were not visible visible in) Trados in .wsxz packages.

0029473:  Fixed – API call from XTRF failed in specific case.

0029475:  Fixed – Home and End keyboard keys did not work in Resource lists.

0029478:  Fixed – In webtrans Reviewer 2 could unlock segments locked by the PM.

0029481:  Fixed – Embedded object (PowerPoint file) was not exported in specific case.

0029487:  Fixed – Setting new term defaults did not apply to new terms in specific case.

0029499:  Fixed – [SDLXLIFF] – tag pair and placeholder entry in tag catalogue with same id.

0029503:  Fixed – Exported Studio return package save to target caused an error.

0029504:  Fixed – QTerm did not honor ForbiddenTerm (NonTerm) when definitions were present in multilingual files.

0029520:  Fixed – [html] – memoQ only partially imported a specific html document.

0029521:  Fixed – {Template} placeholder in project templates was not replaced with the template name.

0029525:  Fixed – Translation progress always reverted to segments in memoqweb/pm/dashboard despite profile setting.

0029537:  Fixed – TM filter settings window showed internal field code names (mq:subject) after editing.

0029540:  Fixed – The description field on Overview/Project settings was always "N/A".

0029541:  Fixed – Project home -> Settings: TM custom fields and Document versioning section was cut on higher DPI (125%) - Added scrollbar to fix.

0029552:  Fixed – Audit log for TM did not get emailed.

0029565:  Fixed – DOCX – Error occurred when importing a specific docx file.

0029576:  Fixed – Error message occurred during doc/docx import in specific case.

0029578:  Fixed – SDLPPX – Error occurred when importing Trados Studio package in specific case.

0029582:  Fixed – Resources API (TB) - term IDs changed on updating entry without modification.

0029584:  Fixed – Create offline copies of TMs and TBs at checkout checkbox state was ignored when importing mqout package into server.

0029589:  Fixed – General error occured after clicking on the Warning icon next to a segment in specific case.

0029597:  Fixed – INDD: Specific indd file could not be imported.

0029603:  Fixed – When importing documents in web PM, if source language detection failed, then the "Select template and enter project properties page" became unusable.

0029606:  Fixed – In web PM, Project management - Create new project - "null" text was shown in Source language drop down list.

0029608:  Fixed – memoQ server alert checks in the background could result in SQL error in specific case.

0029612:  Fixed – preview – Misalignment could happen in preview when using the multilingual delimited text filter.

0029614:  Fixed – Online Project Filesystem from web browser was not protected against malicious file paths in case of admin user.

0029618:  Fixed – Find and replace: memoQ crashed when searching for specific term in a specific case in a huge local project copy.

0029637:  Fixed – TXML – Out of memory error occurred when importing txml files in specific case.

0029654:  Fixed – WSAPI – AvailableCount call returned a value inconsistent with the specification.

0029656:  Fixed – Error occurred in a specific case after long periods of inactivity. Possibly mobile license related. We have a potential (unconfirmed) fix, because the error is difficult to reproduce.

0029663:  Fixed – Extra tag was written to exported document file in specific case with custom filter for Google markdown files.

0029665:  Fixed – LQA – When a segment was left empty by a translator, and a reviewer added a "completeness" type error, it was not recognized in the LQA report.

0029673:  Fixed – PO – Gettext filter generated extra lines on export in specific case.

28289 Autopick didn't recognize numbers with % sign or other symbols if they were not at the end of a segment.

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