Change Log update: 7.8.164

  • 11 April 2017
  • by Kilgray Team
Change Log update: 7.8.164

The latest Change Log for memoQ 2015. Thank you for your feedback and reports. 

We have updated the Microsoft MT plugin to support new subscriptions thorugh Azure. We've also kept the old legacy plugin untouched.
0029932: Export (stored path) stopped working when removing a target language from local project and then publishing it.
0029878: XML: Segmentation around processing instructions was changed.
0029871: XLIFF: trans-units with states that needed to be mapped to rejected failed to import.
0029861: Performance counters could not be refreshed in specific cases.
0029849: Project based CAL licenses: in specific cases, users were assigned a PM license, depsite only being eligible for Translator Pro edition.
0029774: MIF: cross reference marker's MText was not escaped at export.
0027654: Wrong timestamp could occur in row history.
0029507: If no specific timezone was set, date related filters could fail in QTerm.
0029167: Date labels in memoQweb were shortened in case of Hungarian locale.
0029246: memoQ could not create SDLRPX package from some SDLPPX packages if the package was published as online project.
0029800: From now on, the user receives better feedback when changes in Options dialog require a memoQ restart.
0029423: Drag and drop not working in Files tab of projects on Windows 10.
0029822: False "Project not checked out yet" alert could occur in specific cases.
0029802: MemoQ removed the format (bold/underline etc...) from the document if it came from a Transit ppf package, in specific cases.
0029765: We have changed the default compatibility behaviour of the MS OFfice filter configuration.
0029809: Using the "Changes and Conflicts" features did not work in a view.
0029715: SDLPPX package failed to import in specific cases, due to unknown target language.
0029777: Find and replace / Mark all - General error occured when clicking for sorting in Find and replace list.
0029766: Unfinished document did not include required tag closing pair at export in special case.
0029755: MS Office filters reported incompatibility for newer files by default.
0029768: "TargetInvocationException" masked actual error when document open failed.
0029771: Error occured during synchronization if the memoQ client's edition was not valid.
0029741: Statistics exports got saved without a file extension in terminal server environments.
0029757: memoQ client became unrepsponsive when editing a finished aligment pair in a LiveDocs corpus.
0029751: Muli Delimited Text filter: from now on, memoQ shall investigate the values rather than the formulas for Condition cells.
0029713: Statistics: memoQ did not used some matches from LiveDocs corpora in the project management window.
0029746: DOCX: Import failed with a specific cascading filter for a document with embedded objects.
0029743: DOC, DOCX: document could not be exported in specific case.
0029681: PPTX file export: a formatting issue occured in specific cases.
0029676: No filenames were written to the analysis export CSV file after exporting WSXZ package analysis.
0029721: PDF: Only the first page of the document was imported in a specific case.
0029729: DOCX: the exported file was corrupted in some cases.
0029693: Project management - Page size was blank on Translations tab in some cases.
0029723: Accidentally pressing Enter caused an error in the "Add folder structure" dialog.
0029421: There was an issue with importing escaped characters into a QTerm term base.
0029717: Multilingual XML: memoQ could not import an XML file with no encoding declaration.
0029564: SDLXLIFF: we have fixed and issue with comments that pointed at a zero length text range.
0024059: TMEditor showed +1 as the identifier for a new row, even after saving it.
0029332: PPTX: some documents could not be imported due to a validation error.
0029690: We have fixed some grammar issues with a piece of message text in the "Upgrade memoQ server" window.
0029687: DOCX: some documents could not be imported due to a validation error.

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