Change Log update: 7.8.166

  • 12 June 2017
  • by Kilgray Team
Change Log update: 7.8.166

Here comes the latest build with updates for memoQ 2015.

​The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.



  • Create possibility to re-categorize QA warnings to errors.
  • API addition for bilingual two-column RTF export - Export all selected documents in a single RTF file.


0030264: DOCX: File failed to export through API.
0030241: XLF: target trans-units were empty after exporting document in specific case.
0030287: DOCX: exporting specific document didn't work.
0029852: MIF: missing font in variable definition.
0030289: Turning off Autopilot in a project resulted in an error in specific case.
0030266: DOCX import did not recognize texts in bubbles, arrow, and WordArts.
0030280: Filename was incorrect in statistics result in specific case.
0030273: Monolingual review: wrong number of segments were changed and also additional space was added at the beginning of certain segments.
0030194: There was a display issue with filter conditions in QTerm.
0030268: WS-API: ApiKey header element has to have namespace reference.
0030263: Custom code executable with dependent files did not execute in specific case.
0028880: TM settings soft filter was not applied in specific case.
0030236: memoQ became unresponsive during pre-translate in specific case.
0030127: memoQ became unresponsive when trying to confirm certain segments and during pre-translate in specific case.
0030217: MQXLZ: Error when importing the mqxlz file in specific case.
0030102: Failed to search in Korean TM in specific case.
0030203: Saving resource permissions failed when the permission list was empty.
0030211: When editing a project template, images and formatted text could be pasted into the "Command line arguments" box.
0030213: Translation memory lookup errors happened on specific memoQ server.
0030218: Online project - Using Refresh button caused a general error in a specific case.
0030095: PPTX: Import specific document failed.
0030207: Error message occurred when applying update package in a specific case.
0030182: "MemoQ.Controls.Language" variable was visible instead of language name "English" in the term extractor.
0030189: Sliced document - files were not sorted based on segment numbers.
0030188: Project creation from template failed in specific case.
0030069: Deleting a comment in a translation document did not clear the highlight belonging to the deleted comment.
0030173: Regex tagger assigned the formatting of the first character in segment instead of the first character of the match.
0030187: PPTX slides were imported in random order in specific case.
0030190: Failed to search for both source and target in TM editor in specific case.
0030174: PPTX failed to import in specific case.
0030130: QA: Exported HTML report didn't contain any data just placeholders.
0030168: TIPP package: reference files were not exported.
0030045: DOCX: Export became unresponsive for specific file.
The picture portraits a A sculptor in his studio working from the life. 
By Wilhelm Bendz at Google Cultural Institute, Public Domain