Change Log update: 7.8.167

  • 17 July 2017
  • by Kilgray Team
Change Log update: 7.8.167

This is our latest build for memoQ 2015. Thank you for all your feedback!

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.  


The "legacy" Microsoft MT plugin (for the former subscription method) has been removed.

0030536: Error occurred when editing QA in Windows 7.
0030506: DOCX: Index markers were not exported correctly.
0030492: XLF: trans-unit was empty after export.
0030470: DOCX: Exporting a specific document failed with an unnecessary tag in translation.
0030469: Importing terminology into an online term base with different languages caused errors.
0030443: Toggling spell check via installing new dictionary from file did not enable 'Curly underlines' feature immediately.
0030430: A custom XML-HTML cascading filter failed with a specific file.
0030426: Import got stuck when trying import a TM in a specific case.
0030420: Discussions at document level were treated as project level and generated an error.
0030419: GUI: Changing the layout to "Results on Top" was not saved.
0030403: DOCX: export failed in some cases with an error saying "Close tags should be structural".
0030386: Hitting Enter after filling Name in "New term base" made the page unresponsive.
0030375: Resources API (TM): Lookup always returned fragment hits.
0030369: False grammar check underlining appeared in segments with tags in specific cases.
0030366: QA check failed in a specific case when the Target to Source Translation Consistency check was enabled.
0030363: Multilingual XML filter: Export failed for a specific file with empty source node.
0030352: Reassigning a job from a subvendor did not work in the specific case.
0030345: Exporting Trados-compatible bilingual doc failed in a specific case with a DOCX original file.
0030342: General Error occurred when clicking on filter configuration in specific case.
0030321: SDLXLIFF filter configuration GUI a link's clickable area was slightly shifted.
0030313: SDLPPX: Import failed in specific case.
0030311: Error occurred when sorting projects based on "Last modified" field.
0030293: Term highlights were shifted in translation documents in specific case.
0030280: Filename was incorrect in statistics CSV export.
0030262: memoQ crashed with Dragon 15 in specific cases.
0030140: WorldServer: exported file was different when imported with cascading and non-cascading filters.
0029995: memoQ translation document contained additional tags at the start and end of segments for SDLXLIFF files in specific case.
0029914: When deleting a term base, the "Live backup" temporary folders in the TB folder were not deleted.
0027518: When upgrading a server, the database changes could time out in some cases.

memoQWeb fixes: 

0030440: "Limit favorite languages" option was not working on the Profile page in memoQWeb.
0030306: When assigning documents to translators on the Web PM interface, the bottom part of some characters was not visible.
0030245: In place of an Image in a QTerm termbase entry, a part of the memoQWeb user interface was shown.
The illustration portrays an American artmen working on his workkshop. 1889.
Montgomery Walter, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons.