Change Log update: 8.0.28

  • 13 March 2017
  • by Kilgray Team
Change Log update: 8.0.28

Change log update for Adriatic: 8.0.28 – thank you for your feedback and requests!

Enhancement: The Track Changes logic has been reversed in the compare boxes in the Translation results pane, according to user feedback.

0029676: No document filenames were shown in a CSV file exported after analyzing a project created from a WSXZ package.

0029721: PDF: Only the first page of the document was imported in specific case.

0029729: DOCX: File was corrupted after export in specific case.

0029704: Document history compatibility error occurred in memoQ server Adriatic in specific case.

0029723: In the Add folder structure dialog, typing a new line in the Base path field caused an error.

0029716: "Empty square" characters shown instead of Japanese text in the compare boxes under the Translation results pane in specific case.

0029724: Tauyou MT plugin: No result in memoQ Adriatic.

0029717: Multilingual XML filter: importing an XML file with no encoding declaration failed in specific case.

0029421: Character corruption issue in specific case when importing CSV data into QTerm.

0029704: Document history compatibility related error in Adriatic server.

0029703: memoQ server didn't start after installation and activation at first try in specific case.

0029699: "Copy source to target" operation didn't change the segment status on a single segment.

0024059: TM editor showed +1 as ID for new row, even after saving.

0029332: PPTX: importing specific document failed due to validation error.

0029684: memoQ didn't select the template automatically after starting the project creation by clicking on the template next to the New Project button.

0029689: DOCX: memoQ wasn't able to import a DOCX file exported by itself in specific cases with embedded charts.

0029668: Sorting documents by name in a project in didn't take into account the relative path if it was shown: documents were still sorted by their name only.

0029685: memoQ failed to start after install under specific circumstances.

0029649: Customer Portal: on the "Team" page, last column has been renamed to "Status", with values "Active", "Deleted" and "Pending".

0029686: When inserting long target segment from a TM, etc hit, the target segment box in the document didn't expand horizontally.

0029645: Customer Portal: we have removed some unnecessary menu items for features that are not implemented.

0029646: Customer Portal: we have made a change so that memoQ server will also launch the project if a fully automated workflow is initiated, so that no manual launch step is required.

0029651: Customer Portal: We have renamed and rearranged the workflow options in for better clarity.

0029647: Customer Portal: users were able to delete a project template that were associated with services.

Customer Portal: Web browsers are automatically redirected to HTTPS from now.

0029683: DOCX: Exported change-tracked document had too many tabs in specific case.

0029675: User interface issues could prevent the creation of a Language Terminal connected local project from a template.

0029662: DOCX: track changed document failed to export in specific case.

0029680: Opening a specific change-tracked translation document crashed memoQ.

0029673: PO: Gettext filter generated extra lines on export in specific case.

0029520: HTML: memoQ only partially imported a specific HTML document.

0029672: It was impossible to confirm segment in 8.0 in a views.

0029654: WSAPI AvailableCount call returned a value inconsistent with the specification.

0029663: An extra tag was added to an exported file in a specific case.

0029431: XLIFF:doc status mapping related issue.

0029656: An error occurred in a specific case after long user inactivity. The error could not be reproduced – this is a possible fix.

This colorful image we selected for this Change Log update is an old portolan chart (a kind of navigational map) of the Adriatic Sea from 1538. The image is from Wikimedia Commons and it is Public Domain