Change Log update 8.0.29

  • 29 March 2017
  • by Kilgray Team
Change Log update 8.0.29

The latest Change Log for memoQ Adriatic. A new build fresh with fixes. We thank you for your feedback and reports.


- We have added support for reimported and deleted documents (i.e. ongoing content connected projects) in the business reporting functionality in Language Terminal. This required changes on the memoQ server side too, so make sure you use the latest memoQ server to ensure proper data collection for the current reports and the upcoming ones.

- memoQ communicates with the Microsoft MT service on a secure channel (HTTPS) from now on.

- We've implemented a more user friendly time logging behavior for unlaunched projects.


0029810: X-Translate: rows with inline tags containing translatable attributes in a separate row were not x-translated.
Time logging for Language Terminal returned HTTP 500 Internal Server Error in specific case.
0029839: Error occurend on looking up TM hits in specific cases after restoring a project from backup.
0029849: When using project based CAL licenses, user were sometimes assigned a PM edition license, while they were only eligible for a Tpro.
0029813: "After document reimport" automation trigger did not work in content connected online projects.
0029809: Unable to check changes and conflicts in a view.
0029801: Options dialog - Apply button was not disabled after clicking if we change Appearance\UI language.
0029783: Task tracker's Details pane jumped back to the end of the list every time .
0029782: "Waiting for execution" text disappeared after a second in Task tracker.
0029779: Error when closing memoQ in a specific case.
0029777: Find and replace / Mark all - User got General error when sorting in "Find and replace" list.
0029776: Temp file related error during synchronization.
0029773: Translation results pane: right-to-left languages listed the hits as left-to-right.
0029772: Error when adding resources to a project in specific case.
0029771: Error during synchronization if client's edition was not valid.
0029769: Import error details were lost in specific case.
0029768: "TargetInvocationException" type error message "masked" the actual error when document open fails.
0029766: Fixed error with an unfinished document not including the required tag closing pair at export in special case.
0029765: Change the default compatibility behaviour of the MS OFfice filter configuration to "import all extensions".
0029763: General error appeared and memoQ closed after clicking on the link in the project's alert section in specific case.
0029757: memoQ client became unusable when trying to view finished aligment pair in specific case.
0029755: MS Office filters reported incompatibility by default for files created with recent versions of Office.
0029751: Muli Delimited Text filter: From now on, memoQ will investigate the values rather than the formulas for Condition cells.
0029749: Translation hits of iTranslate4 machine translation service contained an extra space.
0029746: DOCX: Import failed with specific cascading filter on document with embedded object.
0029743: DOC, DOCX: document export failed in a specific case.
0029741: Statistics export file was saved without a file extension in a terminal server environment.
0029725: Cancel button did not work for online project report creation.
0029720: Editing time was not tracked.
0029715: Specific SDLPPX file failed to import due to unknown target language.
0029713: Statistics: no match from LiveDocs corpora in management window.
0029696: We've made improvements to the usability of the "Turn off autopilot" feature.
0029695: Checking out online projects closed the online project's PM window for no reason.
0029677: It was possible to select the same source and target language in pseudo-translation settings.
0029633: When signing up as a customer in Customer Portal, the list of customers was always shown.
0029631: Standalone implicit Language Terminal users appeared on user lists.
0029585: Usability tweaks in new online project from template wizard, when creating a content connected project.
Photo: Mosaic depicting a scene from the harbour of Ariminum at the Adriatic, end of 2nd - 3rd century AD. Museo della Città, Rimini, Italy. Carole Raddato. Public Domain, Wikipedia Commons.