Change Log update 8.1.4

  • 19 June 2017
  • by Kilgray Team
Change Log update 8.1.4

A new pack of fresh fixes for memoQ 8.1! Thanks everyone for your reports and feedback.

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.  


Create possibility to categorize QA warnings to errors/warnings.


0029697: Customer Portal could not be installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 even if ASP.NET role service was added for IIS.
0029761: SDLPPX: TM was not visible after importing the package.
0029852: MIF: missing font in variable definition.
0029858: TB could not be created with some newly added languages: Albanian, Spanish (Latin A.), French (Afr, Morocco).
0029914: When deleting a term base, the temporary "Live backup" folders created by a previous repair operation were not deleted.
0029995: memoQ showed extra tags at the start and end of segments in sdlxliff files in some cases.
0030002: Server Administrator, Customer Portal: Adding languages to "Languages to offer" list did not work properly by double click.
0030004: memoQ become unresponsive when confirming segment in large view ("Collection was modified").
0030057: Customer Portal automatic quote and project creation failed if the project template contained "launch" action for the "project created" trigger.
0030114: For a user working on a memoQ package, permission was not granted for TMs unless the user had explicit permission.
0030122: Customer Portal automatic projects always imported embedded images.
0030167: Upgrading server to 8.x failed with an error in some cases.
0030192: Truncated text in "Add target language" dialog.
0030202: User could not add term after the missing language was added to the TB.
0030203: Saving resource permissions didn't work when the permission list was empty.
0030211: Picture and formatted text could be pasted to "command line arguments" edit box when editing file pre and post-processing scripts (before import and after export scripts).
0030213: Lookup errors occurred on specific memoQ server.
0030215: SDLXLIFF: import failed with German system locale settings because of some date format issue.
0030216: Missing localized string.
0030217: MQXLZ: Error when importing specific mqxlz file.
0030218: Online project - Using the Refresh button caused general error in some cases.
0030220: QTerm: Date values in filters were decremented by one day whenever a filter was saved.
0030221: Importing bilingual files in corpus failed.
0030222: General error occourred in the TM editor, when closing with unsaved changes.
0030223: TM Editor: Find and replace was not working for source text.
0030225: Filtering added extra empty rows in "Edit project template" window, Term bases tab.
0030228: Server upgrade to 8.1.3 failed in some cases.
0030236: memoQ became unresponsive during pre-translate in a specific case.
0030237: TransPDF files had paragraph based segmentation, from now they'll be segmented according to project segmentation settings.
0030238: PPTX filter preview generated tag instead of actual text.
0030241: XLF: target trans-units were empty after exporting the document.
0030242: Importing an SDLPPX or Transit package imported term base but did not add it to the project in some cases.
0030243: Column headers shifted in "Resolve errors and warnings" and "Review changes and conflicts" tabs, in some cases.
0030250: Error occurred in QA if a target tag was not in the tag definition of the document
0030251: Layout issue on the "Project From Template" dialog .
0030259: Checking out a project with a 8.1 client from a 7.8 server failed in some cases.
0030261: Storing a term in Term Base failed in some cases.
0030262: Fixes for memoQ and Dragon Naturally Speaking compatibility.
0030263: Custom code executable with dependent files failed to execute in some cases.
0030264: DOCX file failed to export through API in a specific case.
0030266: DOCX: import did not recognize text in bubbles, arrows and WordArts.
0030268: WS-API: ApiKey header element had to have namespace reference.
0030270: Weighted counts could not be changed in a specific case.
0030273: Monolingual review: wrong number of segments were changed and also additional space was added at the beginning of certain segments.
0030278: Find All did not list matches from source if replace text was given.
0030280: Filename was incorrect in statistics result in a specific case.
0030285: General error occurred after opening an empty pdf.
0030287: DOCX: Unable to export specific document.
0030289: Turning off Autopilot in a project resulted in an error in a specific case.
0030291: Spellcheck: replacing a word with a suggestion didn't respect formatting.
0030294: Displaying preview was slow after switching document tab.
0030295: Progress didn't move while importing large pptx documents.
0030303: Muli: Import fails if there are more target languages in a project than in the filter.
0030304: Error details during server project archive restore were not preserved.
0030310: We've hidden the Scroll left/Scroll right/All open documents buttons when they were not required (not enough documents to require scrolling).
0030311: Error occurred when sorting projects based on last modification on the Dashboard.
0030318: Error occurred when unticking corpus from online project in project management window.
0030325: Import failed in specific case with custom filter set in template.
0030327: memoQ server used up system memory when it could not send email notification.
0030328: Project field in template showed predefined value.
0030330: "The specified path, file name, or both are too long error" occurred when opening specific project in 8.1.
0030342: Error occurred when clicking on filter configuration in specific case.
0030359: Connecting to content connector failed when creating content connected local or online projects.
0030365: Looking up in termbases with Ctrl + P did not return any result in specific case.
0030368: "Review change" report action's label missing in History.
0030370: INDD: memoQ failed to add converted file to project in specific case.
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