Change Log update 8.1.5

  • 10 July 2017
  • by Kilgray Team
Change Log update 8.1.5

Check out our latest build for memoQ 8.1! Thanks to everyone who reported and provided feedback.

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.  

The legacy Microsoft MT plugin has been removed, only the new one remains
Updated Help, many reported issues have been covered

0030462: "New" Find and replace: We've added a hotkey for "Replace all".
0030472: "New" Find and replace: Settings summary disregarded tag search setting.
0030353: "New" Find and replace: We've made minor UI changes based on user feedback: tab order, Enter, hotkeys.
0030354: "New" Find and replace: We've added a "Replace and next" button.
0030388: "New" Find and replace: We've reorganized the "Find and Replace" ribbon group.
0030390: "New" Find and replace: Ribbon always reverted to the "Quick Access" tab after using Find (next).
0030391: "New" Find and replace: We've added an option for default "Find where" options.
0030392: "New" Find and replace: When defining custom keyboard shortcuts, the Find/Replace functions were erroneously labeled "Advanced".

0027518: When upgrading a server, the database changes could time out in some cases.
0028880: TM settings soft filter was not applied in specific case.
0029417: Some Help buttons did not work.
0029761: Trados Studio packages - TM was not visible when importing the package in specific case.
0030074: QA: "Verify segment ends with the same punctuation mark as source" check did not consider full width/half width question marks.
0030102: Searching in Korean TM failed in specific case.
0030140: WorldServer: exported file was different when imported with cascading and non-cascading filters.
0030175: Spellchecker gave false warnings for abbreviations at the end of segments.
0030200: Right-to-left target languages (Arabic, etc): after inserting a suggestion from translation results, it was first aligned to the left instead of right.
0030223: TM Editor: Find and replace did not work for source texts.
0030313: SDLPPX: Import failed in specific case.
0030331: Customer Portal: Translatable document of quote wasn't imported to the manually PM-created project.
0030345: Exporting Trados-compatible bilingual doc failed in a specific case with a DOCX original file.
0030348: TransPDF: the memoQ user interface was unresponsive while downloading final PDF.
0030350: Disabling a Subvendor group had no effect on user access from the subvendor.
0030352: Reassigning a job from a subvendor did not work in specific case.
0030356: Adding a language pair to a user did not work if the user was in an Active Directory group.
0030363: MuliXML: Export failed for specific file with empty source node.
0030366: QA check failed in specific case when the Target to Source Translation Consistency check was enabled.
0030367: Find replace failed in specific case in a LiveDocs alignment document.
0030369: False grammar check underlining appeared in segments with tags in specific cases.
0030371: Second "Replace all" command failed in LiveDocs if no project was opened.
0030374: DOCX: Cannot export document with Export (Dialog) and Export bilingual.
0030375: Resources API (TM): Lookup always returned fragment hits.
0030386: Hitting Enter after filling Name in "New term base" made the page unresponsive.
0030394: Error occurred when creating LQA report for filtered rows.
0030396: There were two different icons for project checkout at the two locations.
0030399: With more than one occurrence of the same non-translatable in a segment, only the first hit was highlighted.
0030403: DOCX: export failed in some cases with an error saying "Close tags should be structural" .
0030407: WSXZ package: TMs were not imported properly in specific case.
0030411: Clicking on "View result" in Task Tracker closed the window instead of showing the report's result.
0030414: Dashboard did not show after opening the memoQ client with memoq:// URIs.
0030417: Header width adjusting did not work properly in the recycle bin.
0030419: GUI: Changing the layout to "Results on Top" was not saved.
0030420: Discussions at document level were treated as project level and generated an error.
0030421: Offline help file is available again.
0030423: Automatic project archival scheduling produced an error with certain frequency values.
0030424: With certain settings, the "Save" button remained disabled in the Archiving category in Server administrator.
0030426: Import got stuck when trying import a TM in a specific case.
0030427: Tracked changes were not imported when the "import comments" function was also enabled.
0030429: Term extraction: accepted items did not provide lookup results.
0030430: A custom XML-HTML cascading filter failed with a specific file.
0030434: The new "Last modified" header wasn't visible by default on the dashboard.
0030438: Server update failed with error in a specific case.
0030442: DOCX: import failed if track changes was enabled and applied to footnotes.
0030443: Toggling spellcheck via installing new dictionary from file did not enable 'Curly underlines' feature immediately.
0030445: The highlight got shifted for LSC results in the translation results pane.
0030446: Restoring a server project archive on a different server will from now on work to the extent that it is possible.
0030447: Track changes underlining and strike-through were not properly reflecting the change in the text in some cases.
0030448: In the Advanced Filters window, keyboard shortcuts didn't work after opening because the window didn't receive the focus.
0030452: Navigation between textboxes in "Edit project template" window didn't work as expected with the Tab key.
0030469: Importing terminology into an online term base with different languages caused errors.
0030470: DOCX: Exporting a specific document failed with unnecessary tag in translation.
0030493: Restoring an 8.0 project archive (with TB assignments) failed in specific case.
0030499: Find and replace in the TM editor resulted in an error after clean install.

memoQWeb fixes: 

0030290: Graphical glitch at the bottom of the WebTrans grid.
0030306: When assigning documents to translators on the Web PM interface, the bottom part of some characters was not visible.
0030440: "Limit favorite languages" option was not working on Profile page in memoQWeb.
0030467: memoQweb became unresponsive on "loading" status when opening a document to translate, in a specific case.
0030475: We've fixed a typo in the "Archive project" confirmation dialogue in memoQweb.
0030245: In place of an Image in a QTerm termbase entry, a part of the memoQWeb user interface was shown.
The picture shows an artist working on his studio. By Peter Tillemans.
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