Change Log update 8.2.4

  • 02 October 2017
  • by Kilgray Team
Change Log update 8.2.4

A new build for memoQ 8.2, fresh with fixes. Thanks for your feedback and reports!

The installers of memoQ and memoQ server are available from the Downloads section of our website. The latest memoQ client is also available via AutoUpdate.


0027666: [Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter] Import failed claiming a column is mapped but contains value.
0031189: Automatic lookup and insertion did not work in a specific case.
0031099: [FrameMaker MIF] index entries were not exported in a specific case. From now, additional information is saved for index entries, with its help we can match index entries to sections exactly (matching was string based until now).
0031186: For ALL UPPERCASE SELECTION, Shift+F3 did not bring up "Sentence Case".
0031192: For pseudo-translation configurations, the "Save As" function did not work as expected.
0031166: Resources API: create TB/TM entry did not return the identifier of the new entry.
0031160: Unable to import TTX file in some cases.
0031199: XLSX: Exported file was corrupt according to Excel in some cases, repairing it could lead to data loss.
0030650: In the "User management" window the tooltip was not displayed.
0031026: Silent installer failed to activate memoQ after installation with "MemoQInstallPath78 key not found" error.
0031184: Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter: reimporting specific CSV document failed.
0031157: In memoQWebTrans, on "Translation results settings", the filter settings tabs were not editable in Firefox .
0031175: Opening a view caused memoQ to become unresponsive, and corrupted DockLayoutConfigs.bin file, in specific cases.
0031180: An error occurred in some cases with LT connected account with certain project templates.
0031181: Powerpoint (PPTX) imported from Content Connector left attached images when the PPTX was removed.
0031090: SDLPPX, Transit package import - TB was not added to a project if the locale was different (i.e. UK or US English).
0031177: On the Packages page, the Commands tooltip did not appear.
0031182: Resources API was disabled in memoQ cloud instances by default due to a programming error.
0031159: Resources API: TB term and language metadata command always picked the first items.
0031153: In WebTrans, text selection across rows with Shift + UP key didn't work as expected.
0031118: In WebTrans, when the user selected text on both sides to add a comment, the information was not correctly added to the comment.
0031172: Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter: Context was not imported if the Comment column was the same as Context.
0031173: Deployment tool errors occurred after fresh server installation in specific cases.
0030962: Wrong file name in "Tracked changes in documents" reports - add {compared} section.
0031131: LQA update preview failed in specific cases.
0031124: 'Language selector' dropdown didn't work as expected in opened qTerm term base
0030449: PowerPoint PPTX: centered text of SmartArt was left aligned in exported document
0031149: XML comment caused a segment break.
0031139: Multilingual delimited text (Excel) filter: importing specific CSV file failed.
0030719: Server-side import (with content connector or WSAPI) did not work for PPT files (old binary PowerPoint format).
0031123: XLIFF: export failed in specific cases.
0031119: With document versioning disabled, the Review pane did not display the "version history is not available" message.
0030783: QTerm - User with 'Modify' permission had only 'Guest' permission if inherited to a discussion .
0031096: In Customer Portal, the X button beside the duplicate file on the CP quote creation site deleted the first file by the given name from the list regardless of its status.
0031094: Error occurred when configuring custom code execution in specific cases.
0031106: We have removed the non-functional performance counter "Total KB of data used on disk".
0031116: On platforms that don't support websockets, memoQ server didn't start if HTTPS client <> server communication was enabled.
0031107: Edit distance statistics produced different values on the user interface and in exported csv, in specific cases.
0031112: Document's content connector timestamp was stored in TM entry's x-document property.
0031092: Creating a new qTerm TB didn't show any languages in Firefox.
0030557: General error occurred while importing a WorldServer package in specific cases.
0031105: Exporting difference as change-tracked word file failed in specific cases.
0031097: Content connector: pushing changes from CC to memoQ server did not work in some cases if an API key was configured.
0031098: Content connector: it was impossible to create a connection (close its properties window) without entering an authID.
0031093: .doc files (old binary Word format): specific file failed to import with track changes.
0031086: PowerPoint pot, ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx, potx file formats had no Preview, if Office 2010 was installed.
0031029: WebTrans: there was No text wrapping in the translation results pane.
0030997: QTerm picklist values with spaces of term-level fields imported into other TB incorrectly.
0030751: Find and replace feature malfunctioned in specific cases when user replaced text near tags.
0031087: 'MT Settings' tab could be shown if the Resource Console's window size is the minimum.
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